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These feelings that I can't seem to find

11 November, 2008

These are my feeling...my name is gilberto and i'm in love with this precious girl named selena and i want to get married with her know...the waiting is too long, i really love her like i've loved no other, she is the twilight in my soul the aurora in the sky i bet you people look up at the stars and wonder what makes the sky so beautiful you should be thanking selena because she is the reason the world has its beauty and wonders.

Today was not the greatest day ever....idk what overcame me just hearing her say that she was friends with some punk that hurts others killed me inside...but even so i was bleeding inside...my heart was healing every-time she said i love u it healed me more and more...i don't want to lose her i really don't but all i want from her is a smile and total happiness she the world can continue to shine because without her the world would be nothing but total darkness.

When i was a baby 9 months old i had a big fever i could have died i had a fever of 104 as a baby i was hardly breathing or move and it was on april 11 when i was all sick and dying...the next day on april 12 i was found awake kicking the sheets and chewing and my blankets all happy and a shine in my eyes...i found out 16 years later that in 1993 thats when selena was born and thats when i was cured for some reason she was my reason she is my reason to live and to have new hope and my love has no boundaries.

I'm blessed from heaven itself for having such an angel watch over me it seems like god really trusts me with her to take care of her and love her always. My life story was hell itself suffering as kid being used as a toy and cheated on betrayed i was tired of it all i thought i didn't have a purpose anymore but then i came upon an angel but not an ordinary angel a preciuos one at that and i relized there and then i had a purpose now to make her happy and love her with all my heart and soul and never ever give up on her because it would be like giving up on my heart and i don't plan on letting that happen.

I felt like today was nightmare november 10 it felt like i was giving up my heart to some punk that hurts others and not care about people's feelings in any way only if there something in it for him and i didn't want that to happen it was hard on me and on selena a big fight happened....a lot of people wanted to take her away from me already and i stood strong...but with every fight you tend to get tired in energy i fight for her love everyday if i could people i would give up my soul and heart just to prove to her my love which always seems to grow...god holds my heart in his hands now because only him can controll the fire within me such love is within his arms.

Who would i be ...what would i do if she left me my inside world would be frozen and my heart covered in ice...i don't want to lose her she means way to much to me to lose...i would go all distance for her going beyond my limits just to get to her and being there with her thats how much i love her call me crazy call me mad but let me tell you people something i'm madly crazy in love with this girl deeply in love and i don't care what anyone says or does i'll love her always and forever no matter what cames on our path we have get throught it as a couple to grow stronger and live our lives in happiness.

There are no greater words in this world then the words i love you and those words go out to you selena no one else but you...i'll keep my promises i never go back on my word i love you and i'm letting the whole world know you hear wolrd...i love selena so much so much then you'll ever know only god can turly unserstand it .

This goes out to you selena:

My love,there's only you in my life

The only thing that's right

My first love, you're every breath that i take

You're every step i make

And i, i want to share

All my love with you

No one else will do

And your eyes, they tell me how much you care

Yes, you will always be, my endless love

Two hearts, two hearts that beat as one

Our lives have just begun

Forever, i'll hold you close in my arms

I can't resist your charm

My love , i'll be a fool for you i'm sure

You know i don't mind

Cause you, mean the world to me

I know i've found in you, my endless love

And love, i'll be that fool for you, i'm sure

You know i don't mind

And yes, you'll be the only one

Cause no one can deny

This love i have is an unexplanable love for you

I'll give it all to you

My love

My precious love

My endless love.

I hope you like this selena...now the world and everyone will read my love for you and everything that has to offer.

I love you selena.

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