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This Unique Girl

31 October, 2008

I never knew what was real love it was dry words to me at first I lost close family members in my life and I was alone growing up but all that got me to grow into the guy I am know...I become stronger I was done holding on to the edge off the cliff i saw the darkness and i was tired of it so i got my strength together and pulled myself up...but even then i felt empty inside.


Then I met this unique girl...you people wouldn't believe how amazing she is ,she has the most one of a kind personality in the whole univers no one could ever compare with her and i mean no one i never thought i would have this warm feeling when i was with her...we started out friends and i thought we where never going to see each other again or talk and everytime i would see her online i would think that she was busy and i didn't want to bother her.


Then after three weeks passed she invited me and i was happy to hear from her and then after that chat we started to talk more and more and i started to develope feelings for her but not just plain feelings actuall feelings like strong feelings that i never thought exitied and i was afrid to tell her because i thought she would never feel the same for me and as the days went by i found hard for me to hold it all in and i knew one day i wouldn't hold it in my feeling where ready to open...but then one day when i was about to give up this current song came on called crush and with that made me realize if i don't do it now i could lose her forever.


I finally told her what i felt for her and she felt exactly the same for me and she is my gf now and we have one month and three weeks together and i couldn't be happier she is my special girl and i hope one day all my work and suffering will pay off by being with her and spending my life with her what fells like a month feels like years with her and people i would go all limits for her i'm working a fulltime job just to get enough money to be with her one day and stay with her be with her and kiss her and hold her in my arms never letting go of her not ever again.


she is my sunset, my sunrise of a new tomorrow and that one special star that shines above more then all the rest. she is my everything my universe my point in living my breath my living soul, she holds the key to my heart without her my world would be upside down, she makes me feel like i can't even find the words to expalin it. but her is a poem that i wrote for her i hope you people like it band selena if you read this I love you so much never forgot that. I have a comitment to kepp with you my baby girl soon in the near future if god lets me live and lets me see the day my future wife.


                                      The poem


I want to dance with you for a life time

hold you close to my heart,

stop the hands of time

make the world give us a little more time.


To feel our bodies close sawying together

to music that only we can hear,

letting it sweep us into heaven

come, dance with me there


we'll dance forever; never let go

hearts in tune hand to hand,

building love between us

that we barely can stand


candles low no bright lights

our love will light the way,

come hold me close; dance with me

til the night breaks to day.


feel our bodies pressed close

as close as skin to skin,

open your heart to me baby.


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