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Being Played

28 October, 2008

The guy i lost my virginity too was also my first kiss. Actually he was my first everything, that's why he meant so much to me. He also was a huge player. We never dated or even really talked, it was just one of those things that if we were both at the same party and in the mood we would hook up. We never went all, all the way because I was too scared. Anyways to get to the point this boy broke my heart over an over again and I was to stupid to stop him. In addition to hooking up with me he also hooked up with two of my best friends and three of my other close friends. It hurt a lot because he never wanted me. I just couldn't let myself believe that.

We had hooked up over ten times in less than a year. Finally the last time was at a guy's house. There were six of us. My best friend, a couple of guys, and hookup guy. He was all over me and i tried to resist hooking up with him again, because i knew he would never call me after wards, but I ended up giving in. I cried for two hours the next day when he never called or at least texted me. Even though I'm emotionally damaged from this now, I will get over it eventually. He taught me a great lesson in love. Love is all emotional and very little physical. Now whenever I see him at parties I try to ignore him as much as possible and try not to get upset when he flirts with other girls right in front of me.

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