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A must-read love story...

13 October, 2008


          I was in a relationship... It has been there for ten months already but the status of the relationship's quite off.. But I love this guy(that time) who happens to be my schoolmate..


         To begin with, almost everyone around us doesn't like him for me.. I'm an honor student and quite famous around the campus and he is a lazy student who belongs to the last section but I chose to be with him...We had quarrels almost everyday and we find it hard to spend time to one another. It came to the point that I ask myself if I'm really in love with him. I broke up with him...  That ended the said relationship.

        I met this other guy whom I share my problems(through text) , he is also my schoolmate.. I told him a lot about my self and so did he. He said he is still not over with his ex but at the same time showing signs of courtship. I also shared with him my past relationship.. We comforted each other... We began to be liking one another..


       Everyone is already talking about us... He is a unique guy... a rare one.. Some of my classmates like him too also they didn't know him that much.. When they found out about our rumored relationship, They made me realize how lucky I'm to have had a chance to get to know him...  On the other side, everyone thought including our mentors that He is a very lucky guy because of having a chance to get to know me.. In short, We are perfect match..

    Valentines day came.. We are still not committed.. He did some sweet things to me and asked me If I love him already... At that Time I'm still afraid to answer him considering the fact that he loved his ex very much and I'm also afraid that he isn't over her yet.

    He courted me for about one year.. Until new year came.. He spent the "media noche" with my family (not considering that his parents won't allow him)  He made me realize that he could take anything for granted just to be with me... As countdowns,chatting and fireworks can be heard from outside, I gave him my very much awaited answer... That marks the beginning of our official relationship..

    We are happy with one another except for sometimes we argue about some stuffs.. I always got jealous with his ex.. I came up with the thinking that he just used me to get rid of her memories. It took us a long time until he confessed...

     Because he can't stand my jealousy, He finally told me the truth...     

     He really doesn't have an EX!!!. I'm his first...!!!He just made stories because I had an ex.. He wants to have something that I could be jealous to...  We both felt ashamed that time... But the good thing is, We ended the argue about that matter...

     Yes, problems occur at times but because of our love, We got over almost everything... He is really different from my first, He is sweeter, taller, and more loving. Almost every friend of mind would envy me for having  him... And He is also a lazy student from a not so good section.. haha But who knows.. LOVE is unpredictable... It really iS....



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