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Age doesn't matter.

06 July, 2008

this is my love story.


i saw this guy on friendster through our common friends, which is my cousin-in-law. he's on my cousin's featured friends & i thought i saw him in their suite before the wedding, so i viewed his profile but saw nothing but his picture. it's private so i didn't mind adding him up. the next day, he send a  message. it says there: "hi .. thanks for viewing my profile. :)" so i replied. "no biggies. :) you're kuya ...'s cousin, right?" and so on,and so forth. my bad. HE'S NOT. lol. he's just my cousin's officemate & buddy. and there. we got to know each other veeeery well.


i'm only 16 years old. and he's already 31. 15 years of gap.but we really clicked.


he told me that he admires me.. he saw me at my cousin's wedding & he really looks at me everytime i pass by. so there. we become mooooore closer. one day, we decided to meet up @ starbucks (sm-nearby our place.) he's really fun to be with. he has a good sense of humor. & i fell in love with him. regardless of our age.


we seldom meet, but i really love being with him.


one day, i got home late. and my parents knew i was dating. they slapped my face, scolded me, and threw my phone.


and now, our only way of communication is the internet. we love each other despite of all the hindrances. & most importantly, we really have trust on each other.. & it seems like i can go through ANYTHING when i'm with him.


i never been in this predicament before. i never felt this way before. i never been this happier before i met him. i never been stronger like this before.



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