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Accedently fell in love

22 April, 2008

So I had just started high school and i had found out that there was these two popular twins that everyone liked, i have to admit they where pretty cute. later on in the school year my friend told me that one of the twins liked me and of course scenes he was popular and i thought he was cute i gave him my number. It was funny I couldn't tell the difference between them but later on when I started talking to him more I saw the difference. Anyways so we started talking over the phone and like a month later we started dating it was fun because we would go to parties together and i started to get to know more people. So later on in the relationship I found out that he had just broken up with his ex girlfriend a little before he started dating me and their relationship was serious and it went on for like 2 years.I knew they weren't over each other but i really didn't mind it because she had graduated already. That started to become a problem because she started going to his football games I never told him anything about it. So as months went by we started to see our differences and broke up, I kinda new it wasn't our differences that broke us up it was that he couldn't get over his ex-girlfriend.So that next week i went to a party with my friends and I saw him walk in with his ex-girlfriend I felt so stupid, So i acted as if I didn't care. Everyone at the party started playing a game and in my head i was thinking i look so stupid just sitting here by myself. So I looked around and I saw a guy that I had for class we would talk and flirt a lot so i didn't see anything wrong with me going up to him and talking, so i did (my real intention was to get my ex-boyfirend jelouse). So he started telling me that I was really pretty but I didn't really like him I did't even find him attractive. I kissed him that night but i didn't mean anything of it. I was hoping he wouldn't call me the next day but he did. He called me and asked if i wanted to get icecream with him. So i did. All night he tried to kiss me but i wouldn't let him...So a week went by and we still talked i didnt like him but i didnt stop talking to him cuz i thought it would be mean of me to just stop talking to him like that...I was so mean to him he would ask me a question or call me over and i would just ignore him,but its cuz i didnt like him. He didnt get the hint. So it went on anson like that...So finally i started to see that i was not just Starting to like him I was falling in love with him..Now its been three years that we have been togeather and he is the love of my life and the man i want to merry. Its kind of funny that he never gave up trying even though i was so mean to him...I am so sorry for that lol.

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