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A love story.

09 March, 2008

This story may seem like one from a little book or a movie you never thought would come true but it happened..


I used to watch romance movies full of comedy and fun, while watching them I would think "Wow. This would so never happen to me. Hahaha." but I was wrong.

It was the beginning of my sophomore year of high school and I thought my year would be boring as heck. When I got to my first class it was full of people I didn't know. everyone seemed friendly go I got along easily, but there was one boy who seemed so mysterious and scary. I promised myself that I definitely wouldn't go near him. In the end, I lost. He was in all my classes. One day, I got bored of class and pretended to have to use the bathroom reeeally bad so the teacher let me go. On my way to the bathroom I ran into the mysterious guy, literally. I was walking without looking and just ran into him. I was sooo scared. He looked at me then smiled. He introducted himself as Seif. All I could think was "Whoa. Why is he introducing himself? What the heck. What's he doing??!?!? Okay. Victoria get a hold of yourself." I looked at him and he, I mean, Seif looked so confused. Then his face turned rock solid and scary.

"Who do you think you are? Aren't you going to say sorry?" I was shocked. One minuet he's happy dappy the next he's scary. I was so mad. I raised my head and said.

"I am Victoria. Age 16. 5'4 115 lbs. Anything else you'd like to know? My blood type? My address?" He stared at me and then just walked away. I was so happy with my triumph.


The next day. 

I went to class as usual, but when I walked in Seif pulled me aside. I was completely and utterly confused. He stared at me and yanked me out the door. Then, without me even noticing we were on the roof. By then I was scared. Really scared. I kept thinking to myself.. "Is he going to kill me? Ahhhh"

Then he cornered me. Stared at me and walked to the opposite corner of the roof.

He said something like. 

"Sorry about yesterday. I am not used to being nice." I was like. "If you're saying Sorry wouldn't that mean you're being nice?"He was confused again. Then came the "Huh?": I was expecting.

Anyway. Blah Blah Blah. We hated eachother but then started hanging out and stuff.

We both would play volleyball with some of his friends.

One girl was named Allina. She told me that she'd been with Seif since they were really young and that I shouldn't hate him for everything he does. Blah blah I began to feel sorryu about his past and stuff that's when I started liking him.We started going out and there were rumors flying everywhere. We didn't care though. He made me smile, laugh, and feel like me. That was enough.


I might as well say it. My fairytale didn't last long. Seif died in a car accident last summer. I nearly suicided until I had a dream. Seif told me to keep living and that I'd find new love. Meet new people. and stuff. I felt so happy after that. So that's my story. Believe it or not I don't care. i just feel better being able to tell it. :]

this love story of mine might have ended but it's still in my heart and I don't feel bad about it at all. Thank youi for your time.

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