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My Best Friend's Brother

03 February, 2008

Well i knew this girl since i was in 1st grade we never talked , not until 8th grade. I became really close friends with her and i would call her everyday and we would talk on the phone for hours. Someone was always bothering her when she was talking to me. It was Kevin, her brother, he was 16, 2 years older than me. He was funny I would always laugh at his jokes. Then Suddenly instead of tlking to my friend on the phone i would talk to kevin on the phone. I have no idea what he did to me but i fell in love with him. Everyday my feelings for him grew more! He was the first person i was truly in love with.

After me and my friend being best friends for 2 months, one day i finally went to her house. That was the first time i ever saw him. I would never forget that day. First he was really shy and he wouldn’t come out of his room. Then after 3 hours being there me and my friend were at the living room watching a movie then Kevin passed by but i just saw his shadow. Kevin went to the backyard with his cousin to drink beer. I told my friend that i wanted to go outside to see kevin. So we went outside. I really couldn’t see him because it was dark and well i couldn’t see . the cousin came up to me and offered me a beer, kevin was looking our way so just to look “cool” i accepted it. I drank and the next thing i knew, i was drunk. I really dont remember anything that happened that day I just remember that being the most emberrasing day of my life cuz i did a lot of stupid things, like confessing my love for kevin to my friend. I also remember the first time i saw kevin to his eyes. I was already drunk and they sat me at a table. Kevin was cooking whinnies so i could get undrunk, then i went up to him and looked at his face then he looked at mine and we just stared.

Supposedly my friend never told him but im sure she did. Well anyways the next few days we didnt talk about anything except kevin. She would tell me that he was always talking about me to his mom and dad. But i was sad cuz after that day we stopped talking on the phone. HIs mom would say that me and him made a cute couple and that we should be together. He would just say that he didn’t like him at all, and i would cry. I liked the fact that his mom liked me for kevin, that was sweet but he didnt like me. Everytime i would go to their house he would just stay in his room and never came out. I would only see him once in a while when he would go to the kitchen and stuff like that.

When it was my friend’s birthday and all the family went out to eat they invited me and i was so happy cuz Kevin was going. When we went to the restaurant he sat in front of me. We were just staring at each other and smiling. i loved his eyes they were so beautiful! Anyway, the mom was asking me all these questions like if i had a boyfriend and what i liked and all those kind of questions.

When we left they took me to their house and i was there for a little while. I was telling my friend how much i liked kevin. That now he was the most important thing of my life. That everytime i would wake up he was the first thing in my mind. I told her that my biggest dream was that Kevin liked me. That my lips would touch his. that his arms would be around my waist. That i could tell him how much i love him and he would tell me he loves me too. For me that was only a dream an unreacheable dream. Then my friend just stared at me and said, “well some dreams come true.” I didn’t get it. Why did she say that? Did she know anything?

Did he actually like me? I was so confused.

Well the next day it was the best day of my life, my friend had invited me to the movies with her so i went. We were in the theater when my friend said she needed to go to the bathroom. She went by herself and when she was taking a long time i decided i was gonna go look for her. Then when i was about to get up i see Kevin walking towards me. I couldn’t believe it my heart was beating so fast. It sounded like it was gonna get out my chest. He sat next to me and just said hi. I said hi back too and asked him wat he was doing there. He told me that he had to talk to me. He invited me to the park. Oh by the way he had a car!

Well we went to the park but i was confused i didn’t know what was going on. Then he grabbed my hand. I just stared at him and asked him what was going on. Then he leaned in and kissed my lips. I will never forget that kiss. My first kiss with him, the first time i ever touched his lips. It was the best kiss ever! Then he told me that he had heard me the day before talking to his sister about him and that he needed to tell me how much he loved me too. He told me that feeling was the strongest feeling he had ever felt. Then we were walking in the lawn and then he asked me that question. The question i was waiting for. “Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

I immediately said yes and kissed him. It lasted for about 5 minutes. I couldnt believe it. Then we sat down on the lawn he was hugging me and told me that it was the best day of his life.

After that night evrything was perfect. We would go everywhere together. When i entered High School he would take me to school with him and we would walk around holding hands. He would bring me flowers almost every week. He was always there for me. When my parents died he was the only one there for me. He told me that even though they weren’t with me anymore i could always count on him on for anything. I was so sad those days I just couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to die but then i just thought about kevin and my whole world turned around.

Several months after that when we had 2 years together, we had our first time. It was so special. He respected me in every aspect. I was 16 years old. I was so scared but it was so romantic. he told me it wasn’t his first time but it was the first time when he actually made love. At the beginning i wasn’t sure if i was doing the right thing but now i know i did.

Our relationship grew stronger everyday. I was sure we were gonna last forever that we were gonna marry someday and have a lot of kids. I had the best years of my life when i wass with him. I still remember that one time when he told me that he was started falling in love with me since we barely started talking on the phone and that he would think about me eveyday. Then one time he told m,e that if we ever had kids to name the guy Andrew and the girl Monica. The next year together it was still the best with him. We would still go places together. make love, we would dance, he would give me flowers, we would look at the sky and dream about our future together. It was awesome when we were together, nothing else mattered in our life just me and him and that moment.

In my 17th birthday he took me to the park where 3 years before we had been together, where we first kissed, where he asked me to be his girlfriend. This time he wanted to ask me something else, something that would change our lives forever. We sat down on the lawn, he looked in my eyes and told me he loved me and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. then he asked me if i loved him. I said yes that he was my everything and that i wanted to spend the rest of my life with him too. He hugged me, then he took something out of his pocket, it was a little box. He got n his knees and asked me, “Do you want to be my wife?”

I said yes and hugged him then he out the ring in my finger.

After the park we went to my house and made love. It was so romantic again but we didnt use protection. After 2 months of not getting my period i had a feeling i was pregnant. i told him what was going on and he got so happy with the news. Well i wanted to be sure so i took the pregnancy and when it came out as positive i was so scared but happy at the same time. I called Kevin right away to come over to my house because i had some news for him. He already knew what i was gonna tell him and he rushed over to my house. I waited for him impatiently but after 2 hours he was still not here. I called his cell phone but no one answered. 3 hours later i got a phone call from his sister, my old best friend. She told me that kevin had a car accident and that he was in the hopital. I rushed to the hospital to see him. My heart was broken when i saw him defenseless on the bed with a lot of machines connected to him. I couldn’t belive he was there, that guy couldn’t be him, he was strong he couldnt die. He was in comma for 5months. He woke up the same day we were supposed to get married. I was the first person he saw. He smiled and asked me what happened. I told him that when i called him to give him some news, on the way to my house he had a car accident. He looked at my belly which was extremely big already and he smiled so big. Then he asked if we were already married, i told him no but that when he got better we would get married right away. He just smiled and told me he loved me and to never forget it. he told me to name the baby like we said we would. and then he said to tell the kid that he loved us so much. I hugged him and crying i told him that i wasn’t gonna tell the kid that because it was gonna be him the one who told the kid. I hugged him and told him he was gonna be with me forever that he promised. then the last thing he said was i love you both. Then he died I couldnt belive it i hugged him cried and told him to wake up that he promised to be with me forever. I would move him trying to wake him up but the doctor came and seperated me from him. A week after he died i was barelyaccepting he wasn’t with us anymore. I went to his house to his old room, I was looking through his stuff and found a paper that was for me and it said this:

My love,

We’ve been together for 3 years already and everytime that passes by i fal in love with u even more. I never thought us two would be together one day but god decided we were meant to be. You have been the light of my life, if it wasnt for you i dont know where i would be right now. You taught me a lot of stuff, but the most important one was how to love. I didn’ t know anything about love until you suddenly appeared in my life like an angel. I would always thank god giving me the chance of meeting you and now with you reading this letter i want to ask you to marry me because i want to spend the rest of my life with you.

That was the letter, I couldn’t stop crying when i read it. I remembered all those moments of happiness with kevin. Why did god took him with him, couldn’t he stay with me and the kid. Why did he go? Why was life so unfair?

Those were some questions i always questioned myself, but now i accept reality. If he left it happened for a reason, I dont know what that reason is. I still miss kevin so much and sometime i wish he was here with me again like before but i know that’s never gonna happen. I wish to go back in time and just change some things like all those little fights we sometimes had and tell him how much i need him and how much i love him. I’ll never forget him!

Even though I dont have Kevin anymore with me by my side I still have 2 little kids. I had twins a girl and a boy. They both look exactly like Kevin, they have his eyes his lips, everything like him. Everytime I look at them i remember kevin and those beautiful moments we passed together. I miss him so much and sometime i just feel like dying too just to go with him but now i have to little kids that need me and i need them.

Now im 19 years old it’s been exactly 2 years since kevin died. My twins are 2 years old and everyday they look more like their dad. When i look at thm i see kevin through their eyes its so beautiful the feeling i get when that happens. i still feel kevin with me even though he is far away, but i feel him like when we were together like he is protecting me and the twins, Monica and Kevin Andrew. They are the prove of the love me and Kevin felt for each other.

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