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Need some help

31 January, 2008

Hi. i have one question to ask. Id like to hear your thoughts or maybe advise.

So.......There is a lady who is loved, very-very- loved by one man. This man (1) is clever, interesting, strong-willed....he really loves her. he is very responsible, very reliable.

There is another man (2) who also likes this lady. he is veeeeery-veeeeery handsome, interesting, he seems to have a good nature, but he doesn’t seem to be as responsible, and devoted like the first guy. it seems like this second guy (2) thinks only about the passion, not about feelings, but he is not a bad person, he just doesn’t seem so devoted and reliable like the first guy, but maybe with a right girl he’ll turn into a perfect man. what the girl doesn’t like about the second guy is that he shows that he knows he is muuuuuch more handsome than the first guy, and behaves as thou he’s the prince, and shows as if he’ll “pity” this lady if she at the end decides to build her future with the first guy, because (like people say) this lady is very pretty, and good-looking. So the guy (2) thinks that if she is really so pretty its a pity if such a nice girl decides to choose a man who is not so handsome. in fact that lady is not a little child and she has already made up her mind what to do, but she would really like to hear some thoughts on this question. do u really think that the guy (2) is right?? why should people like guy (2) look down on such people like guy (1)??? do you think guy (2) is somehow right? because such people like guy (2) would love to take advantage over those like (1) only because their much more handsome, taller, etc etc......they would love to humiliate them. of course the guys like (1) are strong and they wont let this guy (2) to try to hurt them, and they will answer in return, but the lady is sad everytime she sees someone like guy (2) wants to show thru his behavior that the girl is muuuuuch better then her boyfriend, that he is sorry for her, etc etc........that kind of people seem to have such a small heart.

id really love to know what u think about such cases in life. Sorry if the story sounded too much confusing...but thats how it is.........


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