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Why she did this to me..

08 August, 2007

i was very happy and was having very pleasant days in my life .we never met each other but we were phonier friends .we used to talk once a week that too for few minutes.One day i dont know that what happened to me and i wrote a message to her that i feel very pleasant when ever i have a word with her and we had a chat that started in evening and was continued till morning. the very next day when i wake up i called her up and from the very same day we started talking to each other for the whole night.Every thing was going good.there we some feeling in my heart and i started loving her but i dint told her as i knew that she was already going around with some one else from the last 1.5 year but one night she told me that she have started loving me and i also said everything which was there in my heart i came to know after few days that from the last one month her old friend was not giving her time so this was the reason that she was attracted towards me as i was loving her and was taking care of her as i she was a little newly born baby.one night we were talking to each other she told me that she want to love me like anything and she swear of her dad that she dont  want to be away from me and want to be there in my life till the last pages of her life.her dad was already expired and i was too happy that if a person is taking swear of her dad that too who was no more in this world it means that she really want to be mine forever and she told me that she want to be there in my arms and said that by 11 in the morning she will come to my place to meet.it was the first time that we were going to meet each other.i was excited like anything.she came and was there with me for 4 hours and in that we loved each other like anything but all of sudden she started crying and said that she cant cheat her first love.i reacted normally and told her that ok  there is no problem i will be just a good friend of yours and i will be always there  for her. i dropped her back to her home.while coming back i cried alot but any anyhow i controlled my feelings as what all i want was to see her happy.every thing was going the same but with time she came to more close to me her feelings were changing for me.she always gave me a hope that she loves me . when ever she was hurt ed by her first love or there was tears in her eyes she came to me and i always wiped  her tears but when ever everything was alright she remember red me.a day came when her relation with that guy was perfect and what she told me was that please dont call me or message me  anymore.i dont want to talk to you.i begged in front of her that i promise that  i will go away from her life but just give a single reason that were i was wrong and why she had started hating me.she never replied to questions though she knew that i will not be able to live without her but  till now i am dieing to listen  her voice ..i tried to commit  suicide but again the bad luck i was in comma for 3 days but god dint took my life .till now i am trying to bring her back in  my life.please if anyone can help me or suggest me that what should i do  at this point than i will be very much thankful to you  coz i cant live without her ......




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