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My first love introduced me to my soul mate

31 July, 2007

I was 14years old when i met Jamie and he was my first real love we were off and on for 3years when we finally went our seperate ways. At the age of 20years old i had met another man and though i loved him with all my heart i knew he was doing me wrong with other woman but he kept saying that it was me he loved and that he would never do it again but i knew deep down i would never trust him but i put it behind me and we finally had a healthy baby girl after trying so hard for nearly 6 years. When our daughter was 4years old we decided to try again and after 13months of going through the same process of fertility treatment i ended up pregnant again. When i was 9weeks into the pregnancy he decided to once again cheat on me well i had enough and we broke up. When i was 6months pregnant we decided to give it another go in another state which was close to my mother. I knew in my heart i would never trust him again but the baby kept me full of hope but things changed quicker then i thought and he felt nothing for our son so i told him that it will never be the family that i wanted so he left and weeks after leaving he got with another woman who actually was his ex-girlfriend from his teenage years! Couple of months later i had thought of Jamie and after a while i finally found him he had married and had 4 children. He's wife and him had split and he was staying with a friend of his named Grant. We were ringing each other everynight and if he wasnt available to talk to on some nights i would get chatting to his mate Grant he was so down to earth and funny and we got along as if we had known each other all our lives. Jamie didnt like it when Grant and i had spoken even if it was for 1minute! Jamie and I thought it would be good to get together after 2months of phone chatting so i flew down to where he was but when we met up and spent the 2days together i didnt feel what he wanted me to feel there was no spark on my side. I went home on the Sunday and thought i would ring him to see if he was ok later that night> Grant ended up answering and we got chatting for about 2hours and less then a week later Jamie had moved out. Grant and i kept in contact and yet i was taken by his voice i had no idea what he looked liked but Jamie had said he had dark hair, nice arms and blue eyes and was tall as him. Still i couldnt picture the face to the voice till he finally sent me a photo months later and i was so happy! Well we spoke on the phone for about nearly 7 months till he told me that he was coming up to where i was living for his work i was so happy. The day had finally come and i was not disapointed but he was taller then i thought! That was nearly 4years ago and we are still together and he loves my children as if they were his own (the childrens dad has no contact and has since had 2more children to 2 different woman and my kids have no interest in wanting to see him) They love Grant so much and have so much respect for him. We dont argue of fight never have ( have a had a disagreement) We think alike, he makes me smile and his honesty and trust is what makes him the beautiful person that he really is. My family and friends adore him but most of all he loves my children equal and loves me for who i am. I didnt think i would ever trust another man again or even think i would meet someone who would accept my children as if they were his own. He said he never thought he would meet someone and be happy as much as he is but he has changed my life and if i didnt go through what i went through and had given up with their father i wouldnt have them in my life and if i hadnt found Jamie again i would never of found Grant, so i thank my first love for introducing me to my Soul Mate... I know have the family i always wanted and the trust and honesty that i wanted and the peace that is now in my heart from the heart ache that was given to me by my childrens father.

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