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16 July, 2007

I've now finally figured out what the hell's going on here.  I have been cursed.   I am supposed to walk alone in this world.  It has to be true.  Everyone that I get close to just leaves me cold and alone.


I used to be in a relationship and once I expressed my feelings for that person, they became someone else, different, even though they expressed the same feelings for me.  Then I gave myself time to heal and found a new person.  We dated for 5-6 months and when I asked him if we could get serious, he looked in my eyes and said, "you are more like a sister to me and I don't do incest"  I asked him, so you usually give your sister tongue and feel her up when you kiss her. (liars I hate them)  Last one, I met this really cool guy at walmart of all places.  We talked for about a month and things seemed to finally start looking up.  Then he just stopped talking to me as if I had offended him. 

So, I finally had my fill of trying to find love, cause it's not intended for me.  I have love from my family and love from my friends, but that is not the love I desire to be shown.  I am one of not so many that have been cursed to walk alone.  Loves plays tricks on me, but I've had enough and I won't fall for its tricks again.



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