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Okay, so i was dating this kid named Todd, and we were on and off for a year. And one night after awhile of being broke up with him i went to my friend Larissa's house. she was dating this kid so we went to the movies and ran into these two guys. the one was really cute. we bummed a lighter off them, and when me and Larissa got home i was talking to her about the one that was cute. well about a month after that my ex Todd called me. and that kid from the movies(Tyler the cute one) was there. and me and Todd got into a fight and he was like just date Tyler, and i was like...okay. so we me and Tyler started dating and we broke up a lot because of personal reasons. me and him both went to different schools so it was hard to see each other a lot but when we got the chance we did. then i moved to his school. and we still dated but we always fought and broke up. it was hard dealing with it but it was worth being with him. well then i found out that he cheated on me. i forgave him, then it kept happening. with my some of my friends. and when we broke up he would always date other girls. during this summer we broke up and he started dating this girl Tiffany. and i "hooked up" with one of his friends. which broke his heart. i tried my best for him to forgive me and I'm working it back. he's cheated on his girlfriends with me and we still currently talk. we act like we're dating and i still stay at his house. its really hard to put a brave face on for him but i try. he means more to me then what i can explain, and i hope he understands that. i guess the moral of the story is don't do stuff you'll regret....but fight for the one you love.

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