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Destiny will take its way

This story is a happy ending with a different twist. Kareema, our

protagonist, was born with a disability. She had open heart surgery

which could have killed her, but with the help of the doctors and her

parents praying she was saved. Kareema is thankful to Allah.

Among Kareema’s two best friends, one is a girl and the other a boy.

AlthoughKareema always believed in arranged marriages, somehow she fell in lovewith her best friend (Shahid). She always thought that he would

wanta more popular girl in his life. In Bengali culture arrange marriage isused all the time by a relative of that person who will get married. Ifsomeone has love marriage that person’s family is ignored by otherrelatives.  

When they both turned 16, she was stunned and hurt tofind out that Shahid would be moving to another country. Kareema didn'texpress her feelings to him because she always knew the guy should makethe first

move. So neither said anything. As the Quran declares, "That God has created everyone for someone already and it is our destinyto meet ."

With that thought she tries to forget him. She starts to love a guy who

doesn't exist yet. He will love her even knowing that she has a

disability.Her other best friend (Jumaana) was always with her. One day she

was telling Kareema that her family was looking for a wife for her uncle.

Since that day, she kept seeing him in her dreams-- mystified because

shedoesn't even know what he looks like. In her dreams she saw a figurewho was the guy of her dream. He had the same color skin as her, shorthair, and was two feet taller than her. Kareema can’t stop thinkingabout what she saw and tried so hard to remember the face but it wastoo blurry.  

Then, one day at her new job, she met a co-worker with the same

time lunch break… Slowly he fell in love with Kareema. She had no clue,

and he didn't tell her. At Jumaana’s birthday party,

Kareemawas surprised to see her co-worker: "Wow! What you are doing here?" Kareema’s best friend exclaimed, "You guys know each other?" They bothsaid yes. "This is my uncle." Shocked, he ended up telling his feelings,

and she accepted his proposal, and so did both of their parents. The

next month was their wedding. Sara was stunned to hear that her best

friend (Shahid) was coming to her wedding.

Kareema and the best friend meet each other but without saying anything.

The next day Kareema received a small letter saying that her best friend

(Shahid) wants to meet her in his room. She ran to his room. At first

they didn’t say anything but later he said "I Love you". Kareema was so

astonished because she was waiting to hear that for such a long time. She

ran and hugged him and said "I Love you too". But then she realized

she’s getting married today. The silence between them was so low

that you can hear other people from other rooms having fun at the

wedding. He holds her hand and said “I may not be with you in this

world but next lifetime you are mine, even if I have to fight with your

husband.” They both had tears in their eyes but yet happy that they

willmeet again next life time. If Kareema runs away with Shahid then herparent’s respect from other people will be gone. The whole entirefamily will be blamed for one mistake. In Bengali tradition the mostimportant for every family is to have a good reputation with respectand love from others. If she runs away with Shahid neither of her othersiblings will get good wedding proposals again because they will thinkthat they will do the same mistake.   With that thought Kareema gotscared and does not want to be selfish and decided to get married toJumaana’s uncle. The wedding ceremony was held and shahid didn’t wantto see the whole ceremony so he just left the ceremony without tellinganyone. Kareema was looking for shahid to at least say good-bye but sherealized he wasn’t at her wedding. Since Kareema have to leave and goto her husband house because its required for every Bengali girl to getmarried and go to her husband house and that will be her new houseuntil she dies. Kareema was happy she got married to Jumaana’s unclewho always loved her but yet she will never forget Shahid. She followedevery thing in her marriage life with respect and love. While Shahiddecided to continue his studying and become a traveler.

Three yearslater, Shahid had died in a plane crash. Kareema was so shaken that shedidn’t talk to anyone. When it was time to bury Shahid’s dead bodyKareema ran to it and touched his face, crying, and said “ I willalways love you ,and remember our promise I will come pretty soon tomeet you in Next Life Time.’’ She kissed the dead body’s forehead andlet family members bury him.

 After two years later, Kareema had aheart attack and she died. Why could not two lovers be together becauseof the cruelty and selfish people in this world. Even though they neverdid anything wrong just saying they love each other they still had aknowledge about this world.  The two lovers was so scared to even bringout the topic of love to anyone in their family.

We can predict atthe end that they are already together in Next life. As the Qurandeclares” If you do good on this life ,you can go to heaven and ask foranything you want.” This show the faith in Allah and believing in thehear after.  Kareema wakes up and see that she’s in a field filled withbeautiful flowers and a house next to it. While she was walking andlooking around she saw a figure on the floor. That figure was Shahidand she ran into him and hugged him without even realizing that theywere on the floor. They both looked at each other and smiled.

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