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He doesnt even know that i exist

Even now when I am writing this, I am listening to a Korean song "I believe" by shin seung hun. This song really helps me write with all my feelings. I was in my 7th grade when I first saw him. But his looks didn't impress me much. I liked his friend. he was very cute. But his best friend had so many girls around him. That started bothering me a little..I mean i used to feel so jealous. But to my surprise, he did not have any girlfriend. He tried to make, but couldn't. he was so silly and cute and that made my heart turn to him. I started realizing that my crush towards his friend was just a physical attraction. But i used to like his habits and deeds (though i did not like his face yet)....i just kept on looking at him from far...waiting that someday i will be able to reach him and he will recognize me and call me. But he doest show any signs. I am still waiting for him..i know this story sounds very very simple but it burns my heart every night. Because he doesn't even know that i exist.

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