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* Love Ko To!!! ^_^

February 29,2008


    Actually i have no clue how am going to start this story. Just call me Special, and the guy Important.. I am 15 years old back then and Important was 19 turning 20... Well apparently i am the kind of girl that is easily to get friends with, and i used to chat in YM (yahoo messenger)... it is kind of my hobby to go online every single day... I have this account in Nexopia, if that's you wanna call it, which i don't even go on anymore for like 2 to 3 months already... Then one day on Dec 16,2007 i have no clue what came into my mind and suddenly go on nexopia... I saw a message which was sent on Dec 14, 2007, usually i don't reply to people that i don't know who message me and just ignore it... And once again i didn't know what came up into my mind and opened the message, and it says " hi ^_^ msta? " but seriously i felt something weird but in a good way with that message, though i replied which is unusual.


After maybe a day or two i went back to nexopia and i was wondering if that person replied back, and yes he did so of course i replied again and that very night i went on again and saw him online, he started talking to me and yeah kept on replying back too. He asked me where i am in canada so i told him even though i know that he's a stranger, and i asked him back as well, So now we know that we just living near each other. And every since we always chat until morning...


One day he asked me if we could meet for the first time, and I said yes though I brought two of my friends... It was kinda like a double date...And that day was the day that i got my new phone too... and he was the first in my contact list... Since then, we texted each other while chatting in nexopia... At that night the 4th of January 2008 he asked me if he could court me legally, well he was courting me since the second or third time we were talking but he didn't asked me yet so for me it was illegal lol ^_^... But at that time I was shocked b'coz i didn't know that he likes me back, and suddenly said yes ^_^ Now we don't stay up late to chat on nexopia...  we stayed up late talking on the phone...


After 1 month of courting he asked me if we could be together, and my response was not now because it was just a month... then on february 15th 2008 he asked me again if we could be together and I said "I'll think of it" but with a smile, because at that time i do really love already though i wasn't ready because my first impression of him was a Playerrrr... So i was scared coz maybe one day he'll end up not likign me anymore... I thought that he would quit of courting coz i kept on saying no... but then one day he asked me if we could be together and now of course I said yes ^_^ It was the 29th of February 2008, every four years lol ^_^ but i didn't know that time that it was the 29th and it only happens every four years... I just suddenl;y said yes to him not even thinking about the date...


Now of course we go through our ups and downs, though we know that we can pass through it together... I am actually 17 now and he's 21 turning 22, I know that I love my babiiie sooo much and I also know he loves me back too ^_^... We are now together for A year and 4 months and still counting of course and stronger!!!... This love story will last the lifetime and FOREVER!!!


(>^_^)> Forever29 <(^_^<)






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