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Finding Love In Your Worst Enemy! -Luvbug529

     There was the one boy who would always make me sick. He would gross me out always hit me and had the most snide remarks. I would hit him,tease him,and chase him at times. But all of it was out of pure hate! Then one day he complimented me. He made me feel weird. He said " Why did you wear that shirt" he asked. I shrugged my shoulders. "Uh,I don't know,there was nothing else to wear." I told him not thinking he would care. "Oh,well,I like it" he said,then slowly walked away. I gasped! He complimented my shirt. It was a pink shirt with a ruffled collar and short ruffled sleeves. I sorta liked it too! Then later that day I had to work with him preparing for some class presentation. He out of nowhere came and put his hands on my shoulders and said "I'm coming to your birthday party,okay?" he told me. When he said that I blushed. But I knew I hated him and didn't want to do anything that might stop my life from being awesome how it was! "I'll call you," he said. 'What what!!!?" I asked him,cupping my ears.

     He turned and smiled at me. "Your phone number is on the invitation. I wanted to call you yesterday but thought it would be unexpected." he said still smiling. I was amazed at how kind he was being. How on Earth did he change so quickly? Why has he decided to be so nice to me. I was his worst nightmare,his mortal enemy! And he was being nice to me!

     A little later "Since his locker/cubbie was right underneath mines,he smiled at me and said " Are you gonna be in the pool,too?" snce my birthday party was a pool party. " No! I'm just gonna sit there and watch everyone else get in the pool and have fun!" I said sarcastically. "Of course you idiot!" He looked at me and laughed. " So... you in a swimsuit?" he asked and I nodded. Then he mumbled "I'd like to see that."

     When it was time to go home I was pretty much in love with him. I was shocked that he had gone from hate the life out of me to practically engaged to me! I was actually worried. 'Don't fall for it,you know how deceiving he is' I kept thinking. But the more I thought about it the deeper I fell in love. I took a deep breath and a hot relaxing bubble bath to help me think more clearly. Gosh! What a day!

     When I saw that same guy today(Let's just call him Crush9x) he was looking like he just came off an award stage. Dressed to the fullest I was actually pretty amazed. 'WOW! LOOK AT CRUSH9x!' I thought He looked like he was really trying to impress someone! I was scared! I might actually have feelings for him!

     Pretty much nothing happened until 10:00 when he worked with me. He rubbed on my arms and was whispering compliments to me! I was pleading with myself not to melt into one huge puddle right on the school carpet. Then I just came out and played along. "You know Crush9x,we make a pretty good team."I told him smiling. He looked pleased with his results." I knew you would say something like that," he told me smiling. " So would you like to hang around with me later on?" he asked me chuckling. i thought about it for a second. Just a couple days ago I hated the mess out of him and now I'm dating him! It was all too confusing!

     Well I had given in to Crush9x and he was making the best out of everything. Picking me up,setting me on man-built water fall and smooching for about 3 hours! It was a dream come true. I had found love in my enemy and it only took a couple of days. I tear up on that fact that some day somewhere a girl will be just as confused as I was once she finds Love in her Worst enemy.

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