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A Little Too Far To The Left

I go to an all-girls school, and we were having the first social gathering with the boys school down the road. It was a hot mid-August afternoon, and I felt that something was going to happen. Sitting on a bench outside with my friends, we watched the boys who were sitting on the Jungle Gym. A few were throwing around a hat, and before long, it dropped to close to where I was sitting. A boy asked if one of us could throw it to him. Seeing the looks of disgust on my friends faces, I picked it up and in my best "teacher voice" (as my friends call it) asked him whose hat it really was. He finally pointed to another boy, but, blinded by the sun, i just threw it hoping he would catch. It was too far to the left. He didn't! I looked up to see who the unlucky recipient of my throw was. Well, my stomach flipped. A tan boy was looking down at me whose hair fell adorably into his sweet brown eyes. He jumped down from the structure to talk to me. 6 months later, and he finally asked me to the school dance. The other day we were at the park throwing around a football. I still can't throw straight and he still can't catch!

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