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To love, to suffer , to stay together

i don't know how live without him in my life that's what i said for how many times with my family, friend's and with his family.


the story started when i had a vacation in our province, nothing much to do at our house so i often go to the internet cafe in the city area. there i met this guy who's 1 year younger than me. brown eyes, cute smile and a funny personality.


it started when me and the owner of the internet cafe our talking outside having a cigarrette break, that's where he cut in while we were talking about our life experience. since then everytime i go there i always hear him say that his crush is here thats he's in love with someone.


one day morning i receive a text mes. that says "i miss you, where re you? why is it that you're not coming here at the cafe", i thought it was the owner of the cafe that used only a different number, so i replied. that  i'll be comin over later.


when i did go there, i was surprised cause, there's a bouquet of flowers with my name on it. and a mes. on every computer available "can i court you"

and there i saw him standing outside with a bunch of chocolate in his hands and a baloons with "i love you" letters on it.


since then we always go out, have a date, go on trips were always together everyday of our lives... years passed, i got pregnant. that's were my nightmare begins.


now, we are leaving in the same roof, he doesnt have any work and i'm in school, everday we fight cause he's always drinking with his friends going home, beating me up if i don't have any money to give him, flirting with other girls, i even busted him creeping out with one of my friends in school...


there so many times that i have to pack my bags and leave, but i just can't do it. cause i can't live my life without him.


after i gave birth he still didn't stop with his hobbies of drinking, cheating with other girls and using drugs. that's why i decided to come to cebu leaving our baby with his mom. i thought i was free.


free from being hurt physically and emotionally, but i'm wrong. cause he decided to follow me and i don't have anything to do but to stay with him... having the same problem all over again...


what should i do? how would i stay away? i really need advise... pls. put a comment on this story





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