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Tired of Waiting

Sometimes people came to ourlife in a very weird way,I met this guy at work at first im irritated to him bec. he is conceited,but as time passed by we became friends at work,we often go on dating but most of the time we share for the expenses,but then i really enjoyed his company,sometimes i would invite him to join some of my friends in our gig and though he is really tired or still in work, he always find time to say yes to my invitation,my heart aches everytime he would tell me about his other girl,which im not really sure if it's true,bec. i knew that he is a very shy type when it comes to courting , but i can't let him feel that,so we go on our own lives,sometimes he would tell me about his girls,sometimes i told him of my other guys ,then when i broke up with my boyfriend,he is the only person i called to open my feelings though at that time no words came to me,but onlys tears and sobs,every day he comforted me until my life becomes normal again.

Sometimes we go out with other friends,then most of our friends /actually all of our friends told me that they can see that he has a feelings for me,it shows ,but he will just laughed at them and denied it,I was hoping that he has the guts to tell me his feelings because i have love him for so long and deep inside i knew that he knew it,

Then one valentines day we decided that he will be my date since his g.f is not here and im unattached,we'll it was fun although it's not really romantic,we are comfortable with each other, sometimes he came to the house as a handyman.

We may not see each other often but we kept on texting,then one day i realized that i can't take it anymore,i tried to show him my feelings and one of our friend told him what i felt for him but he will just laugh at it.

I told myself that maybe i took the wrong signal that maybe his being always there when i need him ,even just to have fun was really a no big dealfor him.

I was so hurt but then i knew that i have to let him go,bec. he can not give me the love i was longing for,I convinced myself that maybe it is really pure friendship.

We've been friends for 7 years,and it's so hard to fall inlove with your best friend ,I really miss him,

I've tried to avoid him even changing my cp number,hoping i can get over with him,i knew this was silly but it hurts so much to wait for a love that maybe impossible to happen.

For those of you who felt something for your friend please don't be afraid to take the risk of letting them know,or he/she will get tired of waiting,it does'nt hurt to be honest .

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