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Me and Jerry Haines

The story of my first love began ten years ago back when I was in middle school. I had a boyfriend named Jerry Haines. He was 14 and I was 13. As a guy myself, I wasn't even looking for a boyfriend. It just happened that way.


It all started one day at P.E.. I was being picked on by other students who would call me names and they were hitting me in the head with a basketball. I didn't like sports and wasn't athletic, so I just sat on the bench the whole time. One day I got tired of being called names, so I started hiding in the bathroom stall until the class was over. So this hot guy named Jerry came into the locker room and stood outside the stall. He asked me to come out and play with everyone else. I told him that I didn't want to because they were picking on me. He told me that it was alright to be gay because he was, too. He climbed under the stall, unlocked the door, and took my hand. We went into the shower together while everyone else was outside. This is where we had our first sexual interaction. We both promised each other to never tell anyone else. 


Sometimes we would meet each other after school. There was a small beach area with a boardwalk and mangroves behind the school buildings. I remember how he taught me about oral sex and we would lie down together on the private beach. Sometimes we would kiss each other and hold hands. I knew he loved me by the way he would stare at my teeth when I would talk to him. He knew I loved him by the way I would stare into his sexy blue eyes. We both carved our names into a tree and promised each other that we would be boyfriends forever. 


I remember watching him leave school everyday on his bicycle. After that school year, I never saw Jerry again. That's when I experienced my first broken heart. The tree that we carved our names in will always be a reminder of our friendship and how much he meant to me.     



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