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Moon and Sun

One summer I went to stay with my Aunt Christine in Vermont. It was supposed to be a "family bonding summer." Where I could spend the summer doing activities with my aunt, uncle, and my two cousins while my younger sister was off at sleep away camp. I had gotten bored of sleep away and no longer want to go so my parents thought that this was a good idea and that way I wouldn't sit around all day doing nothing.

I wasn't exactly excited to go... but I wasn't totally against going. This turned out to be a summer that i never saw coming. One day I decided that I wanted to go for a walk by myself, just so that I could listen to my ipod and clear me head. You know.. a little me time and to think, well to think about life. So i am on my walk listening to my ipod when this girl comes running past me and i thought i would move over so that I wouldn't be in her way, i guess she thought the same thing because the next thing I knew i was falling to the ground with her on top of me.

After we both apologized and made sure we were both o.k. We laughed and she introduced herself as Rae. From right off the bat we had a connection all though we were just two strangers. We were the same age and she actually knew my cousins. So we all hung out and over the course of a couple of weeks we became really great friends, but i had soo many feelings for her. That most people don't just have for "friends".

So I had a plan that i was going to tell her when we hung out... just the two of us. I had planned on taking her out and seeing a movie. then after we would go on walk around sunset on the same hill where we had collided together. The setting was perfect and when the sun was just starting to go down, I told her that I had so many feelings for her and that I couldn't stop think about her. She told me that she had the same feelings for me too, and I was so happy.

We obviously had discussed that our relationship could only last for the summer because then I was going back to California. She said though that she wanted to keep in touch and that maybe when we get re-united and we still share the same feelings we can date again. She continued to tell me how she was going to miss me and how sad it would be, and right as she was saying this the sun was almost gone so i stopped her leaned over and whispered into her ear " I will never forget you... because you are my sun, you light up my day and with out my sun i can't survive"

she smiled at me and we kissed.. when we finished out first kiss that was the most amazing kiss of my life she whispered "I will never forget you... because you are my moon, and you glow in the night... with out my moon I can't survive"

Fate struck twice in my life. first when i collided with Rae on the hill that summer afternoon, and second when we ended up going to the same colledge.

we are now happily married and have a beautiful daughter named Holly.

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