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My first time to fall in love

      Were friends for about 4 years but not so close. The first time i met him was in the NSTP class. We were in the same platoon. I heard that this guy was good in playing instruments and in fact, I have seen performing several times in the church. I said to myself, " well, its just that he has a talent, but how i wish, we can have a time to know each other."

       Until one summer, We've been together doing God's work. We've been singing in different churches as a group. And that time, it was just nothing for him. He even never even smiled every time i look at him.

     Months later, back to school again. During the first day of class, He was late in coming and sits at the back. When time to introduce ourselves, I was shocked, He was there. Often times, When we an assignments,He usually ask me about it, and of course i also helped him.

       We become close. And during our leisure time, we spent our time talking, knowing with each other. After a couple of months, He expresses his feelings towards me. I didn't expect that. But i said, I want to finish my studies first. Anyway, if we were meant for each other, then, there will always be a way for us.

       And i said, "how come you changed, I don't think so, you're true to your feelings." Because of my statement, he did everything to prove to me that he really loves me. Every after class, He's already outside waiting for me and invites me to have lunch or dinner. Well, i like it because its free.hehe..

       One chilly morning, He went to the house to offer song and a gift for me. Who's birthday? I asked to myself. After singing some songs, my mom got angry. It was a disturbance to the neighbors.... He went with disappointed heart. At night, i saw him outside wet with the heavy rain. When i checked my phone, 17 missed calls was on the screen. The next day, He went in our house again to ask me for my decision. I don't  understand my feelings, but i ended up saying yes. The next day i broke up with him because i realize I'm not that ready to handle such relationships. He still understands and willing to wait for me for the right time.

      There were so many things that he has done for me, but one thing i cannot forget, was how he spent much of his time for me. This is how i fall in love for the first time...

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