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Long Waited Love Story

Hi this is Ishika i met my Love in class 6 at that time we were approx 15 or 16 yrs old...we both were in love with each other ...1 day He proposed me & said "ll'u b my life partner" & i said yes...this story cont..till class 7 ..afterthat he shifted..as at that time we were very young we stoped talking to each other & decided that we wont cont.. our relationship further ...than after 7 to 8 years he called me up & at that time I was literally shocked ....he just said I M still waiting for U & sorry I cant forget U ...than i realised howmuch he love me because as we know ki now a days all boys are good for nothing....they just know how too play with a girl or how to make them fool.......but believe me he was very different from all ..than again we started talking ...we started understanding each other ..........& at that time my parents were hunting a guy for me ....1 of my relative he was really a good friend of mine ....i said everything about my Love .....he got angry..he didn't spoke 2 me for 3 or 4 days .....than afterthat just for me he personally talked to His Mom & said my daughter & your son love each other so if u dont mind can we meet plzzzzzz....than his mom said we dont have any problem but u have to wait for atleast 4 to 5 year because he got his elder brother & sister's.......than my relative come friend told me that he personally talked to his mom ...& his mom said bla bla bla ..so now u decide what u wanna do ....he told me "ishika ...u know very well that your parents wont wait for so long period" even i said yah u r rite "i think my Parents wont wait so long" than again we both made our mind we promised ki we wont talk to each other ...than again our life started moving....time was just passing...but we still didnt forget each other....than again he called me up...after 4 years ...he said "who is this?I got a miss call from this No.?& believe me when i heard his voice i was really stunt ....i was sure that this voice is his only but u know what did I replied ....i said "plzzz dont tel me ki tum yahi ho jo main soch rahi huun" he said yes u r rite & how r u? his next question was did u got married?i said no & i think that was a miracle for us.....i think even God want to see us together ..........than we both were quit for sometime than he said ll'u marry me? i m still waiting for u? & I started crying.....afterthat i said first of all we both ll say about eachother to our parents & than we'll get settled ....we was very brave & he was very free with his family he said everything...about me ....but i took sometime but stilll I said about him ......his family is ready but not mine ...i dont know what will happen but still waiting ki koi miracle ho jae ....i tried my best ....but still "LOVE IS NOT SO EASY" so plzzz pray to god ki "HUM EK HO JAE" because we both cant leave without eachother......i hope "Ki Main Apnae Life Ki Real Story Cont.. Kr Pau" ..................................We Really cant stay

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