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A Long Awaited Love

I was 13 when i first fell in love. His name was Joshua. I met him at a violin camp in the summer of 2008. The moment I saw his eyes i melted. His hair was almost a gray color. His eyes sweet and welcoming. I felt like I was going to explode if I did not talk to him. The first day of camp we talked about bands we loved. The next day I got bold and asked him if he had a girlfriend. He said no and then said," This is probably a stupid question but do you?" "No, how is that a stupid question?" He then told me when he first saw me he felt something in his heart saying that there was something there. We just sat there and looked into each others eyes. The next day we flirted a lot. Then the last day of the camp we almost kissed.


The same summer I was on my swim team and I was talking to one of my friends. He was in a play near my house and invited me to come see it. I came reluctantly because my favorite show was on. When the play began I saw him. Front and center was Josh! My heart leaped when I saw him. He looked down right into my eyes and love and tenderness filled them. After the show he invited me to the after party. We went and then i spent the night at his house. His family were the nicest people I ever met. His mom was like Rachel Rae. (maybe a little less hyper  but you get what I mean) The reason spent the night was because his sister, Julie, is one year older than he is and she and I became best friends. We told each other everything at the after party. Just in one night we knew each other as if we had known each other for out whole lives. She even knew i was in love with her brother and she was OK with that.


So that night Julie went to bed around 11. Me and Josh stayed up to watch Saw. Now I, personally, hate horror movies and so did Josh but we decided we had each other. He wasn't bad as I was. I huddled in close to his chest on the couch and stayed there. After a while I found I was drifting in and out of sleep. He saw this and went to get a blanket. He came back and told me to lie down. Then he spread out the blanket and sat next to my head. I snuggled into his chest and fell asleep. I woke up to find him on the ground and a note squeezed tightly in to my palms. It read," I moved so my mom would know nothing went on last night that was inappropriate." I was so touched that he did this I almost cried. We exchanged phone numbers and I eventually forgot about him.


Later I joined a choir with my friend from the swim team. Of course Josh was there too. We are now together again and he finally got texting. (I'm still a teen what else do I have to do) Just the other day i went to the movies with him and we saw a chick movie with Romance and all that. The last scene was a kiss in the rain and I told him that's where I want my first kiss to be. We then went outside and it started to pour down rain and he said," I will try to make all your wishes come true and I already know which one i can make happen now. Then he kissed me gently on the lips as we became soaking wet.


Thank you! Tell me what you thing and who knows maybe the sotry will continue.


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