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The Song

"when you're sad..I'll sing to you your favorite song..Then you'll smile again"

these are the words he said to me before.Well,it's true...everytime i'm sad, though i'm not telling him, he'll just come to me, and he will sing to me my favorite song then i can't understand,i can't control myself, it really makes me smile.and helps me to throw away the bad feeling.
He's my choir mate in our church.He's hillariously handsome and gentle.Maybe i love his soft voice and his angelic cool handsome face & smile (no exaggeration..everybody is saying it too) ..
my bestfriend is my choir mate too...and they are the 'LOVE TEAM' in the group.I'm the one who started that team-up..but later on,i started to get jealous..especially when i saw my self--->already inlove with that guy who always make me smile and i found out that he only do that to me,the singing when sad.and i fell deeper. and i started thinking that he likes me and not my bestfriend..but one day,i saw them together..he's holding a boquet of flowers and boxes of chocolates..and they're damn happy.i got super jealous and ran away.i suddenly saw my choir mate who's courting me for so long but i'm not giving attention to him,then when i heard his voice(the boy i love) calling me,i suddenly kissed the boy in front of me.i don't know why i did! maybe i just want to make him jealous,even i know he won't...(foolish of me!)
then when i got home.i recieved a text message from my bestfriend saying: how rude of you! you didn't tell us that you and --- are already on.. u just made him looking stupid that moment he saw u kissing that boy..u hurt him so much!

then i was shocked! i don't know that i misunderstood everything..he loves me but wat i did is stupid!argh.
den i didn't attended choir for weeks coz i'm shy to show up myself to him..but he's not there that day.i got sad coz i wanna talk to him.but i know everythng's l8..den i sat down and cry ..den ..sum1 sung..it's my favorite song..then i ...smiled :')

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