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Forget OR Forgive???

what would u do if you found out that your sister loves the same person u love?

what would you do if you found out that you lover has been dating with your sister at the same he was dating with u?


After i found out that my lover has been dating with my sister, i left him. But then he came back to me, and he apologized and because i loved him so much, i couldnt let him go.

But what he did, i will never forget ( being with my sister). My love for him decreased so much, i reallly lost interesst in him.

He lives abroad, far away from me. I have this feeling deep inside that tells me i  should leave him, but at the same time i cant stay away from him.

he is my life, i can't get him out of my mind.

i wake up thinking of him, sleeping thinking of him.... I just cant stop thinking about him,

I tell myself i can move on without him, but inside me i really cant.

And trying to move on with him is also not a solution because my sister is always talking about him, and that's what is killing me inside.. I really can't take it.

 I do alot for him, he doesnot know  how much pain I go through when my sister talks about him, and he doesnt appreciate anything I do for him.

someone tells me what to do???? should i leave him or not?

what should i do with him, and with my sister?

Should i forget about him or just try to move on with what's happening?

someone helps me plz

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