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Tough Love


            Sometimes people take over your mind suddenly they are in your heart (in your notebook's hearts) in your smiles in your eyes and they are always in your life. Sometimes you trust them with every secret and they'll keep it no matter what they become your life and your best friend.


summer 2007


            Taryn was my best friend and she loved to throw parties. Every year if you were invited to her shindigs you were immediately top five in school depending if you were V.I.P.


             Taryn was inviting Joshua to her party and no one really knew him until her arrived. Smooth move they were flirting talking and laughing together. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her. I told her it was gross and she was laughing like an idiot and his arms were around her waist. He managed to smile at me.


           Joshua treated Taryn with respect and always tried to be around her it wasn't long till i figured she loved him and he loved her. All the things he did for her was lovely and they were a sort of cute couple. He was always taking her to the movies and feeding her in public. She made him grin and he made her smile Taryn loved Joshua so much he consumed her mind.


Fall 2008


         Taryn and Joshua attended the same school as me and it wasn't long till i found out i loved him so much and he was eating me up right there with his cute boyish smile and athletic figure. I LOVED Joshua and it was obvious i told my other friend Ariel and she was quick to tell Taryn who hated me.


         Taryn and Joshua began to fight more often and he finally found out she was playing him. I HATED her for that and he came over to my house to be the sweet guy he is and make-up with Taryn. Let alone he was in t he house of a girl who thought he was cute smart funny and LOVED him.


         I told Joshua about my feeling and he said he knew from the moment he saw me i was his favorite one in the room. I was confused at that and he told me Taryn made him grin but i was the corner of his smiles. So i thought he played her and asked him to leave my house. He held my hips and kissed me and told me to think if he was the bad one or her. Gradually i came back to him and we became eachother's lives he told me i was the only girl he could call his angel and mean it and the only girl he could tell that he wanted to be around and say it with a true heart beat. I was safe in his arms and i knew it too that he felt the same thing for me.


spring 2009


        Joshua and i are in love and never want to leave eachother's smiles and believe me her is my EVERYTHING AND ONLY ONE FOR ME!



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