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Who Knew

It wasstrange for me to like her. She was a girl, I was a girl. I thought itwasn't right, right for me at least. But I couldn't help it.You likewho you like, even though you try so hard to deny your feelings.No matter how much you try, you can't get those thoughts out of yourhead.


 I first met her at the end of 7th grade. We walked home together, andthe only thing we had in common was that we were both close friends withsomeone. When I first saw her, I thought she was strange. She waspretty; short brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and a curvy body. Shehad dated many girls, and was considered a full-on lesbian. I didn'tmind though; in fact, I thought it was interesting. Curiosity took overmy mind. I've always questioned my sexual orientation, since I'vealways had girl crushes. Meeting her just filled my curiosity to thebrim.

The beginning of 8th grade had begun, and we had some of the sameclasses. Before we knew it, we were close, even though we bonded ina strange way. We acted like a couple. We held hands while walking home,we hugged, we fed each other sweets, and placed kisses on each otherscheek. She was a bit mean to me from time to time, and she was hard toread. She always left me frustrated. To be honest, I thought she was areal bitch sometimes.Then, one day, I realized something. I liked her.I liked her more than a normal friend would. I liked her a lot. Iwanted to kiss her, I wanted to hug her more, I wanted to talk with hermore, I wanted to be with her more and more...I didn't know what I wasthinking, how I was feeling. Before I knew it, she was all I couldreally think and feel about. I wanted to be with her; I wanted to be hergirlfriend. I didn't intend for this to happen.I still had ties toother people; ties that I have not yet severed. And she had situationsof her own. But she somehow found a special spot in my heart, and Iguess I found a spot in hers.  Who knew? 

I continued playing along with her, holding hands and such. But thethought of not being together as a couple was eating me up inside. Soone day, I asked her out, and to my surprise, she said yes. I know wearen't going to be together forever, but while I was with her, I feltcontent; things made sense in a way that it didn't. 

At first, many people thought, "Yeah, right," about our relationship,but they soon realized that we were serious. Some people teased us,others discriminated. I didn't care, though. As long as she was true tome, and I was true to her, I didn't mind about what others thoughtabout us. Having a girlfriend while being a girl has it's ups anddowns, but in the end, being with someone you like, despite theirgender, is all that matters.

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