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True love is amazing...

One day I decided to play this game called the Ninja RPG. I knew it was this role playing game and though it would be fun but I never knew I would find the love of my life there. His name is Liam and man do I love this boy so much. First we were dating in the game, it was a normal thing to do but somehow it went from liking him on the game to actually liking him in real life. One day we just decided to give it a go and date in real life even though we can't see each other for now. People say that you can't have a long distance relationship but I found out that you can. We prove everyone wrong who says that. He is my love and I hope we will always be together so when we are old, we can tell our story to our kids and show them that true love will make it through everything if it was meant to be. When he finally reads this then I hope he knows that I'm typing out our love story to the whole to let them know that my heart is his and I want it to stay that way. I love you Liam.

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