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..fated to love you..

I was in my 2nd year in college when i met this guy. He is my friend's neighbor. Meant to be, coz his cousin was my friend and gave his number to me,and then my friend, who used to be his neighbor,gave my number to him. For about a month, i already had his number but havent attempted to text or call him. 2 months later, i received a txt from someone, tried to check the name, and it was he. Pretending that i dont know him yet, i asked for his name.

"i'm justin, and u r??"he replied..

quite shocked.."justin???from wer r u??

I'm quite surprised coz my boyfriend's name that time was justin, and it made me think that perhaps he is just playing along with me or trying to test my honesty.

"im from tacloban,how bout u?do u have a boyfriend??..he stated..

upon surprise, i really thought that he was my boyfriend..

"yes i do..how r u bhe??i replied..

He was surprised about the text that i have sent him. And i realized as well that his name on my contacts was romnick. I asked him, r u justin??for real??coz according here,you're romnick??i txtd him

"ooopppss..pano mo nlaman??he replied..

ashamed about the txt..i explained..

"akala ko kc kaw ung bf ko kc same name niu eh.."

He laughed his heart out..To his surprise, he even called me that day and asked how come that i thought that his my bf..and there are lots of "justins" in the world..I'm really ashamed that i havent thought about that. I asked for an apology. And told him that i was shocked and i didnt mean to do that. He just laughed and told me that everything's fine.

Months passed, i havent received a txt from him anymore..

I used to play guitars, my uncle taught me the basic keys and strums on guitar. I knew a little, i tend to practice it once in a while so that i'll not forget about it..

One day, to my surprise, he txtdme.. I asked him that its been a while..Sending our regards to each other..We had this topic, he asked me if im musically inclined..I answered him with full conviction..

"ofcourse, i know how to sing and dance"..

"really??do u know how to play guitar??he asked..

"ofcourse i do" i replied

He was surprised that a girl can play guitar..I asked him y is he surprised.. he told me that he havent seen a girl playing in guitars..He asked me to teach him how to coz he want to learn..I was shocked as well, coz most of my boy friends..(lalaking friend) they all know how to..

I asked him if what he can offer..any talent fee will do..he just laughed and accepted it..

We pinned a day for us to meet and teach him what i know..Ashamed, i forgot my guitar..Surprisingly, when he arrived, he brought a guitar, i asked him who owns the guitar..he said, its his..i looked at him..and told him..

"which means you know how to play the guitar??..

He said no!..

After talking about our lives, i decided to start the session. I taught him all the basics that i know with regards to guitar playing..After everything..I gave him a song..and asked him to play it..

Surprisingly, he played the song very well..and i observed his hands..its very good..i gave him a look..i looked at him with a question on my eyes..

"i will asked you again, please tell me honestly, do u know how to play it??

he just smiled and said.."i'm actually a member of a band..I used to play lead guitar"..

I dont know how to react..It seems taht i want to walk out..Im really ashamed of what i have done..I taught him the basics and all the stuff that i know in guitar-playing,however it seems that, he already know everything..and "nagmagaling pa ko sa knya"...im really shy..

And then there's silence..I dont want to talk..Coz i dont know how to react..

Then i heard a music, and its one of my favorite..i just closed my eyes..and felt the music..it seems that im hearing it froma radio..then i opened my eyes, and then there was he, playing "it might be you"..staring at me..

While playing the song, he is telling a story..

"Nkikita na kita before, kapag bumibisita ka sa bahay ng frend mo..tinitingnan lang kita habang tumutugtog ng gitara..kya ko nga hiningi number mo sa knya eh..alam ko ring naggi2tara ka..kya naicp kong magpaturo sau, or naicp ko na gamitin un, pra lang mkita ka at makasama ka..sorry ha.."

I was shocked.. i want to giggle or laugh my heart out..then i cant think on what to say..

"ok lang ba kung ligawan kita??he asked..

"what?at bkit nman?i replied..

"dahil mahal kita..the first time i saw u..tumibok n ung puso ko..kya nilakasan ko na loob ko pra mkilala na kita ng personal..mahal na kita..noon pa.."

I dont know what to do..and at that time me and my bf just broke up..I dont know how to answer..He smiled..

"i understand..alam ko lahat..i can give you time to think..kahit gano pa ktagal..maghi2ntay ako..

Years passed, we enjoyed dating..we do have our common denominators..eating, singing, guitars..and then i realized, i cant afford to loose him...

Months passed, i accepted him..and then now..we are happy with each others arms..bragging for 4 years in the relationship..and aiming 100 years more..

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