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Halo and his two girlfriends


            My best friend Angel was very pretty and so was I don't get me wrong. Angel met a real handsome guy over summer and all she did was think of him and what he thought of her.


            Well her 'Angel' began attending the school we go and immediately he was on the Varsity football team and him and him and Angel were together. At lunch he sometimes sat with us and him and Angel laughed hugged and made out. I would gross out and leave the table.


          Angel loved him so much she was in too deep for the guy and i wanted to make sure he loved her the same or more. After school i followed Troy to his football game and afterward i went to spy some more at Ruby's to my surprise he was with a friend who was a guy. He got up and kissed the guy on the cheek. I thought he was gay. When his friend left i got up and sat on his table.


"You CAN'T just cheat on Angel she loves you! and with a GUY!" I shout.


"What guy! That was my great-uncle thats' how people in Wales give condolences! his wife Regina died!" Troy said.


"Do you love my friend?" i asked more pollitely.


"Yeah very much! But I love someone else too.." he said.


"Who! Cheater! Gosh I hate you so much you can't hurt her!" i say.


"Calm down me and Angel are together but this girl feels like my world you know Angel is a friend-type but this girl is smart cute and funny." he says.


"You and angel are staying together! Or just tear her heart out you jackass!" i scream walking away.


" Tell this girl you love her and-" i didnt finish.


"I love you jessie!" he said to me nearly making me faint.


"WHAT!" i run off into my car.


            Two weeks later i decided i needed to talk to troy after what he said. him and Angel weren't courting he dumped her and i felt so guilty. Angel began her emo phase and was ruining her life until and emo guy came and she loved him and yes he love her more than she loved him.


            On january i called troy. He came to my house and was acting weird. I found out that he knew about me through my facebook and wanted to tell me that he liked my pics. When he met Angel he wanted to know me through her. He had no idea angel was in love with him.


            Troy was so sweet i began to fall for him too. He texted me when he could and called me 24/7 i told him we should date. We became a couple and are so in love. One day troy told me he was in love with me and we sould be married.  I said yes and i love him so much! He is my sunrise and my sunshine and my moon above me. I thought he was a 'gay' player but i can see his halo........

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