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Love hurts

what do you do when your in love with your best friend's boyfriend? well. at the beginning of last year this new guy, Josh,  liked me and always wanted to talk to me, but i always avoided him because he was a big player. i knew deep down that i really liked him burt i jus never gave him a chance. so this year my best friend starts going to our school. Josh starts liking her and they begin talking more and more. my best friend, ashley, likes him too. so they start talking and one day that hooked up. i didnt think it was going to last very long because i already knew how he was. but i ended up being wrong. they have a wonderful realtionship and are happy. so oneday Josh tells me that he still has feelings for me and i couldnt lie i knewi still liked him. i admitted that i was kinda jealous of there relationship. so we begin hanging out more and more. as we start hanging out more we fall for eachother more. i always go to his house and everything. i realize that im falling in love with my bestfriends boyfriend!! he tells me that he loves me and everything and now we're a COUPLE. but my best friend has no idea of this and i feel really bad. i love him so much and ill do anything for him. he means so much to me. and he thinks the same. he doesnt want to break her heart cause she's in pretty deep also. idk what to do because i dont wanna lose my best friend since kintergarden. but i also dont want to lose the love of my life...it hurts really bad to see them together.

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