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A friend only

Here's the story...I met this man 8 years ago in a chat room. I was a college student then. We got along so well..even if we are far from each other he from UK and me from Philippines. We kept on exchanging emails..considering that both of us are so busy in our studies. I like him because I can sense that he is a good man..Whenever I have a problem, he never fails to give me a wonderful and meaningful advise. How I wish I could seen him in person and be with him, because he's an ideal guy to me. We share our ups and downs in life, I was there for him when he got his first heartached,not realizing that I'm beginning to fall in love with him. Does he feel the same way too? I hope so, because this is the first time I feel this way to a man. After a year or two we decided to send each other a pic.I'm so excited to see his picture, and indeed he's the most handsome guy in i've seen. Those hazel green eyes, blond  hair, and wohhh...a cute smile, I wish he was mine forever. But even if our relationship last for about three years of constant communication, he didn't asked me to be his girlfriend. I guess we really are meant to be as friend forever, and but I'm still glad that even for awhile he share he's life to me. After I graduated from college, we seldom receive emails from each other until such time that its just stop. I met new friends and found a new life. I found a man who loves me so much and we became married. Its 3 months now. Accidentally, I met him again on the internet due to my job nature. I read his profile..I'm glad he finish his medicine. And we even get a chance to talked again on the internet..I'm happy that he still remember me. We talked about what happened to our life for the past 4 years of no communication. And we're glad that both of us found the persons that each of us would spent for the rest of our lives. I'm a little bit thrilled knowing that at the other side of the world there he was, talking to me again. We ended our talked with a series of gud lucks!!!and "im glad we still friends after all these years.


To Raheel, thank you for a fairy tale like relatioship that you'd share to me. It's really a great feeling to have you with me, specially on those years that I need a shot of wisdom to build a self confident. Thank you for the friendship.

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