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A real heartache

This story is isn't about me but my friend Alice. She is already in 2nd year high school. She met a guy with a nice attitude but bad honesty. He already had a girlfriend but he made my best friend one of his girlfriend. she found out when she saw them both in our school cafeteria together kissing.

She never eat much at school ask her parents at home if she's okay. she is almost falling mostly all of her classes. Practically she maintained this failing grades of her before her periodically exams.i told her to stop this madness of love because its a part of life to sometimes suffer from love.

Before she school was over she met her ex in the cafeteria. shouting babe in front of the students inside and some other teacher. but the funny thing in her story is that she took the dessert i gave her and slapped it at his face. humiliated she smiled and said aloud " that's what you get when you mess with me. and thank you I realized that you are a jerk."

When she became fourth year collage she found a great guy then after graduation they where married. hey this story isn't hearth brake its a happy ending.

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