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I'm glad to have you with me...

I saw him on my friend's sister wedding..Since I belong to India..My story is a bit different from most of American stories...So, The second day of wedding, I was wearing really nice and fancy dress...and we all teenagers are sitting in one room chatting and laughing...and he has been looking at me and trying to talk to me per my friend...I was a little brat..I knew he is trying to talk to me but I ignored....well....finally,..he followed me into the kitchen,where I was getting some water/soft drinks for the guests at my friends place...I am very confident but in-front of guys,..I just can't speak...he was cute,tall..handsome...

Can I help you with something..he said..

No..thanks...I said...

ohh no I can help you..you'll been in the kitchen for ever...he said

Well..ok..thanks..will you take some water to the guests..I said

I sure will..for you..anything...he said

I was so nervous and my hands were shaking..

After 10 minutes...he went to the kitchen...and I was gone from there...I was in my friends room..so no one will find out where I was...

Where is Kiran..asking everyone..he said..

I didn't go back down..where all other guests were..I was waiting for them to leave...

Finally after sitting in that room,watching TV for 3 and half hours..I heard everyone is leaving..I went down and I saw him looking for me...wondering around..but without saying anything he was gone...He got my number from my Best Friend..whose sister got married...

He call me 2:00am that night...I answered my phone...saying HELLO HELLO..

And after few seconds...

Hi...how are you?..he said

Fine and who are you?I said

I was all scared and nervous...I switched my phone off...

I was so nervous to go to my friends house next day...I decided to go late when everyone is arrived and I can go inside from the back door..so he will not notice me..

I went to the back door and He was waiting for me...there...

I was waiting for you for a long time..I knew you would come to the back door..he said

I was already nervous and on top of that he said all that..

ohh no..It's been crazy busy..so ...(didn't completed my word)..I said

He came closer to me and I just turned around..(was facing the wall)..and told him that I'm too busy to talk to him right now....

OK...He said

When I was about to walk across him..

He was on his knees and he had red roses in his hands...I was just looking at him...

Will you marry me...he said

Yes..No..Yes..No...No....I said

I was so nervous...

Why are you so nervous.....he said

Just because..ahh..nothing...I said

So....will you marry me..he said again

I will think about it..I replied

I'll wait....he said

hmmm bye...I said

He was looking and me the whole time and I was there just trying to hide myself from him...

During the ceremony...I just felt that he was not there...I got more nervous and worried...

I went to look for him..he was sitting on stairs with those red roses....just looking very sad...

What are you doing here by your self ....I said

Waiting for your answer...he replied

hmmm..I'm still thinking..I said

Lets go...you are grooms friend..you need to be with him...I said

Then I guess you don't like me..I was wrong...a girl like you..I'm so sorry....he said

No.Don't be sorry...I...I...I like you but I'm so scared..what if you change or something you know..I don't wanna loose you...I said

I love you!!!he said

I really want to spend my life with you...he was so cute at that moment..(He still is)

I felt so special at that time...I love you too...I said

He was on his knees again and gave me those red roses...and I accepted it...I said "YES" to him...and kissed me on my fore-head...

I think that was the cutiest thing ever happened to me...

We were talking and I was shy and still nervous but it was not that nervous...

We went back to all friends and most of them were excited to know..what we talked about and what happened...

Actually...his friends and some of my friends..knew all that..

We walked in and everyone in the room was just gathered around us....He knew what was going on but I didn't..

I was so shy that I decided to leave the room...I walked out the room...He was just behind me...

What happened..he said...(His hand on my shoulder)

Nothing just I'm not use to all that, never saw anything like that before..so..I said..

Don't worry about anything..I'm with you..

After few hours everyone was gone..EXCEPT him waiting for me to say Good Bye and when we'll meet again..


We went out 3 or 4 times max.and my parents accepted him...

After we met few times..he kissed me..

Now we are togather and will be getting married in november 2009...

I'm so glad to have him with me..He is loving,caring sweet and just everything for me..He is my whole world....I love him and his name is Raheel..

Our wedding will be held in California...His whole family and my family are here...we both are excited for our wedding...







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