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Never to Have a Happily Ever After

Scared, confused, bruised and bleeding Skyler hides under her bed. Silently screaming, desperately trying to find peace in a world full of chaos. Pleading to survive the daily beatings, deciding they are routine she barley lives by putting a mask of a smile on. As the sun rises she dreads getting ready for school knowing he will be downstairs waiting she rushes from under the bed and out the front door. Acting calm when she’s terrified and confused, she walks to school wearing what she wore the day before. Escaping into books with lands where fathers protect and love their daughters not beat or rapes them. Finding a false peace in the thought that not every girl has to go through the things she has to go through on a daily basis. She finds the strength to exist in an idea of happiness, as she grabs a few books and turns back to the house she can never call home. She sees a boy her age hurt and lonesome, lending a comforting hand she makes friends. Finding that he goes to the same 11th grade class she makes plans to walk to school with him every morning, giving her something to survive for.

Upon finding she’s made a friend, a boy no less, the drunken father becomes enraged. As soon as she walks in the door he grabs her. The beating begins again, trying desperately not to scream knowing it would only serve to make him angrier. Cringing away as he strikes her again and starts to undo his pants, the doorbell rings. She jumps up and runs for the door. She answers to see, Nicklae, her only friend standing in her doorway with her books. She stammers to tell him that he better leave because she’s in trouble and that will see him in the morning. Handing her the books she forgot about, she smiles and thanks him. Hugging him tightly she rushes him away so her beating doesn’t get worse. Only to find her drunken father passed out waiting for her to return. She escapes to her room with her supper of a peanut butter sandwich.

The next morning her father is still asleep, so she hurries to school not wanting to wake him.

Upon seeing her, Nicklae's heart flips, hurrying to her side he convinces her to skip school with him and talk. Seeing her with bruises covering her beautiful face his face falls. Her vivid green eyes clash against the violent shades of purple, green and yellow of the harsh bruises one eye's swollen shut and bottom lip's busted open. Worried, he asks what happened.

Hugging him tightly she agrees to skip and tells him about what happened and what was going to just before he rang her doorbell. Knowing he saved her, she thanks him. Feeling happiness for the first time she can remember. Later he asks her to tell him about her life. Telling him everything and wanting him to know all of it. Shocking her by not pitying her but telling her of his life and that he is glad she survived.

As the months pass they become really close friends. Skyler goes to Nicklae all the time when she gets beaten by her father. For every problem she goes to him, trusting him with her life.

After receiving a practically bad beating Nicklae holds her close, skipping school again just to be with her, he asks her to be his forever. To be his one and only, to be protected, loved and cared for always by him. Smiling she says yes, feeling the same way she knows he means every word of it. He asks her to runaway with him. They escape to a far away town.

Soon after leaving she gets news that her father has died of alcohol poisoning, leaving everything to her. Upon hearing this news they return to the house she grew up in and runaway from. Selling everything they take the money from the things her father owned, they buy a little house in a town far from that house and its memories. Getting married, they have two children that they love and protect with all their hearts, bodies and souls. Living happily ever after!

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