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Such a cutie ...

My eyes were wandering round the room when I realized how cute this one guy was. Let's just call him Boy. The next few days I obsessed over him with my friend - we'll call her Girl. She also liked him. The next English session I had, well, I couldn't believe myself. I was actually looking forwards to English so I could see Boy! He was there. I grabbed a seat next to my friends and then Boy came and sat next to me! He only sat there because his friends were next to him but I was so happy. I tried to be louder so he would notice me. It only worked once or twice. He looked at what I was doing on the computer and laughed. Oh, his laugh. It was so amazing. The next English session was a double period. We had to pair up boy and girl. I was so nervous when I asked Boy to be my partner, and I couldn't believe it when he said yes! I tried to act cool. We worked together, except he kept leaning over to talk to his friends. I tried to get his attention but it wasn't working. I boldly decided to turn on the charm. I leaned over to supposedly to up my shoelace. My dress rose up higher. I saw Boy gaze at my tanned legs with a funny expression on his face. Then I stood up and 'accidentally' dropped my pencil. I smiled at him and bent over to pick it up. The combination of my boobs hanging down and my legs was too much. Boy asked me out. I was so happy! That day after school, we met behind the bike sheds. He slid his hands down my chest. After that, he kissed me. The next day I went to greet him behind the bike sheds, which had become our meeting spot. I was shocked when I found him there with Girl. They were making out. I ran away sobbing. I couldn't believe it. Two weeks later in break time, I noticed a girl flirting with him. My heart sank when I saw who it was. It was ... let's call her Flirt. Flirt was swinging her hips and walking along with him. Her hand was clasped in his. After school they went down to the pub. Later I went down and saw Boy. He was drunk. Encouraged by all the lights and music I said, "Do you love me?" Boy smiled lopsidedly and staggered. "Hell yeah, baby!" he said. He grabbed me and started making out with me until he saw Flirt. She was drunk as well. I looked away. She was stripping. I left the pub when they started having sex. The next day I told myself it was the alcohol talking. I was so depressed when I went across the road that I didn't look and the next thing I knew I was in hospital. It was hard to breathe. Boy was there with Flirt. I looked at them both. Flirt smirked at me and cuddled up to Boy. Boy looked at me with an unreadable expression. I felt my life slowly slipping away. Before I took my last breath, Boy leaned over and kissed me. It was a passionate kiss and I knew he meant it. I passed away peacefully, knowing he loved me.

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