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My Love Story by AShlei_027@yahoo.com

MARCH 2007. It was our two weeks summer break.As usual  I didn't went home to our province. The reasons were there was no money and I need medication. My uncle and his family went home for vacation. Their saleslady, their butler, four scholars and I were left in the house.


It was so boring. staying in the house was so dull but what could I do...I hate going out. Mary Jane, the saleslady saw a deck of cards and asked me to play with her. I also asked Neneng and the boys to join in. A little while a cute and handsome guy arrived. I  just ignored him.


The boys went out with the guy to go bar hopping. I was left alone because Mary Jane also went with them. What I did was to text until dawn. It was already five wqhen I openerd the gate for them. The guy was still with them. He was drunk. It was a big turn  off.


One day, Neneng told me that  someone had a  crush on me. Of course I didn't believe her. I considered it as a joke for who will have a second look on me, but only a cross-eyed. Then he  told me that he will call a little later. I just shrugged my shoulder for I already had a hint who was my admirer.


I talked with him. God, he had a soft voice. I was bit flattered with his admiration on me but I didn't let him knew it. I felt excited of seeing him again. By the way, the guy's name was Sonny.


I asked him what made him like me. He answered though being in love has no reason, he said he saw I was a nice girl. And my smile was so cut. Haha.

He told me he felt love at  first sight at me. Of course I didn't believe it that easy.


I  told him my turn offs to a guy and he said that he will give up his vices just to prove that he was really serious and he loved me. I said okay. He would always call me. He didn't insist of knowing my answer. Just a plain  hi, hello. I  tested  his seriousness to me. I texted him using other number. Wow! He told me to stop texting me because he was already texting someone. He gave my name. I was so ecstatic and flatterd. Whew..



 He asked me to watch a movie. He was a perfect gentleman aside from being handsome. He was also nice. He let me chose  the  movie and I picked "Chanting" a horror movie. He was asking me and I was ready to answer all his inquiries. Then he asked when will I answer a Yes to his coutship. I said I will think of it.


After the movie, we had taken our picture together. He's really an eye catcher with his deep set eyes and lkong  eyelashes. He had a perfect set of white teeth. He's almost perfect except for his vices. But I saw  how he dropped the invitation of his cousins to drink. I never saw him lit a cigarrete. He really kept his promise. And I was touched. He ignored of the taunt and jokes that he was already under me though we were not still  on.

What he said almost sent me to heaven. "I prefer to be under by someone I love than to be under by someone I don't love."


I felt I was falling in love with him.



Exactly 7:30 I said yes. He was so happy and I  could feel it. Others said I am lucky to have him but he said it was him who is lucky to have me.


We already had many break-ups because of pride, jealousy and lack of self confidence but still we are on our second anniversary. I love him so much  as he loves me. And I  know we will surpass  all the trials we will encounter.

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