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"I've Never Felt Like This About Anyone But You"

"I've Never Felt Like This About Anyone But You"



Like any love story might begin, I was at a dance. It's not the very ideal love story beginning, for I wasn't swimming in any pond or I wasn't making out with my boyfriend on the corner of the lot. I didn't have a boyfriend, well at least not yet. It was my Church's Dance, and it was my second one. My two best friends and I were wandering around the music dominated room that was flashing with colorful lights and dancing kids. My friends and I had found enjoyment in daring one another to dance with boys. None of us had ever danced with a boy before, other than any relation to us. We were all chickens in that department.


While my best friend Anna and I were standing at the food counter, chomping hungrily away on food, my other friend Jilly disappeared for a while. When she came back, she was conning us over to where she was last. Two girlie-girls were leaning against the wall there. "Hey," one girl said.


Turns out, they were friends of Jilly's. They were friends of a wandering boy in the crowd that wanted to desperately dance with a girl. I'd seen him before, looking around the crowd, scanning it for any lonely girl that many want to dance with him. When the two of us caught eyes, it was like we were meant to be. 


Almost like magic, a slow dancing song came on. The two of us locked hands and began to dance. About half-way through it, we stopped and I apologized, saying, "I'm sorry. This is so awkward for me." and ran to the bathroom.


I found him a little after and told him that I was sorry and asked him to find me and slow dance with me again on the next slow dancing song. He agreed and soon found me on the next song. This time, we danced for the whole time.


After the song, we danced together in what we call "fast dancing". Then it ended, and we parted with a simple good-bye.


When the next dance came around, I found him again. He was happy to see me and I was happy to see him. After I found out as much as I could have around him, we danced together. While we were slow dancing, he told me I had a great personality and beautiful eyes. Finally, after we were done slow dancing, he took me out into the hall and asked me: "Do you want to you...you know...go out?"


I replied, "No, I'm sorry. My parents wont let me date. But we can remain close friends, thought."


He replied, "Yes."


Now, were really close friends. We love each other more than any boy-friend or girlfriend can love each other. We text each other every day and that's that.


I love you, my love Peter!!!


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