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Waiting for God's Provision.

              My name is Camille I am 21 I can say I have the patience to wait for someone I really love. It started when I was 13 year old I met a guy named Lynus and he is my classmate in vocational class "Bible Study" when I first saw him I laid my eyes on him. Their is something in him that I really wanted to know. His kind of mysterious thingee guy his skinny tall guy a simple one but the aura was kind a great most of the girls in our church has a crush on him. Well he is good looking as well like a heartthrob ehehehee..


              We spent the whole summer together as a classmate and after the summer we went back to school for a new high school life. We got busy and my whole life change when I enter my high school days.. I never went back to the church for almost four years because I got traumatic experience with my personality "My DAD rejected me!" well I'm a unwanted baby that's why when I'm in high school I tried to seek for my fathers identity.. and that's what's happen.. Anyways... back to the story. ehehehee..


              When I left the church Lynus had his on life  and I didn't know that he began to fall in love to Fides one of the new gal in the church I met her before I left to church.. Then they began their love story when the elders try to tease them and thought that they're meant for each other and Lynus began to falling in love with Fides..


              After four years I went back to the church that was year of 2005 month of May. Lynus is the one who welcomed me back and greeted me. I was so shock at first cause he don't remember me. ahahahahha... Then we began to known each other I became active to church again and participate to a lot of activities we have. Then everything goes well. Lynus and I became a good friends and texting each other we have this understanding and feelings for each other. Like mutual understanding it's like were having a relationship but there's no commitment on it and anytime it will end so most of the time I enjoy every single moments we have.I felt

like I was in a fairy tale hoping it would never end.


            Then one night he confess to me that he still pursuing his love for Fides and I was so hurt by that confession. Were just playing a game a game that Lynus is waiting for Fides and I waiting for him. It's really hurt whenever he confess what he really feels about Fides and he told me that Fides have a boyfriend and still he loves him so I got hurt, badly hurt so I turn back a little I step back in his life and I try my best to be brave on what happened we lost communication for a month. He became the president of the Youth and got busy.


            Year ending of Lynus presidency we got in touch again and talk about us.. He confess that Fides choose his boyfriend and let go of him I told him it's okay I know he's hurt and I comforted him. After a month he became tough person I know.. He changed a bit specially to other youth most of the time he don't mingle with us and now he does.


            Most of the people who knows our story says that we will end up together as a couple. As of now I can feel he want's me back the way we were before.. But we entrust everything to the Lord for the future.


             Right now he is graduating and waiting for the right time to settle and as for me now busy in work and vice-president of youth I do teaching in St. Francis Square as voice coach and at the same time National youth treasurer.


            Both of us waiting for the Provision of God...


Thanks for Reading.. Hope to Inspire you..

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