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Few Relationships... errr

Let's start with me in the 7th grade... well... yeah, I was ALWAYS on the short side... Not to short, but enough that my Friends could look down at me and giggle a tiny bit on the inside. all of my boyfreinds have been taller than me. One of my early boyfreinds was named Tim (no last names or anything). He had been in my classes over and over again, but we never really bothered to talk... even on the bus ride. So one day he sat across from me and the bus ride was loud. Kids yellin' and laughing everywhere. I was turned in my seat and talked to my friend behind of my seat. Out of the corner of my eye i began to relize that Tim was STARING at me... it kinds creeped me out a bit.... then finally he got enough guts to say something and he began talking to me. I noticed not only his cute looks, but also his good personality. I instantly gave in to that 8] . After a good while he began sitting with me and we talked ALOT. Soon enough we went to a two night Camp for a school feild trip. I was pretty pumped, understandable rigtht? So we got at the camp. Only took two busses to get our whole grade there (small huh?) and Tim happened to not be on my bus... so we all unloaded and Tim instantly located me from afar and i was pretty nervouse by then. So we all got into our seperate girl cabins that was inside some weird 'stockade' like structure... the boys had only two cabins outside of the Girl stockade  haha. so we all settles down and everyone gathered outside of the cabins and into the middle of the large campfire spot (right in the middle of the Stockade.) the man told us our groups for all the activities and we all got our small teams and 'chaperones' together. Tim, by pure luck and chance, was in my group. but so was a few other girls that HAD to be pretty XP... eh... so  wasnt that confident but i had my best friend 8] so i was okay. Well we went through a few dumb activities and then went outside for some funner ones. first was the 'Spider Web'.... each string hole that was webbed between teh two trees was to be only passed through twice at most... so everyone that couldn't be lifted went through the ones on the bottom... me,  unfortunately having a fast matabalism and being skinny as a stick, well.... was chosen to be lifted... haha so  i kinda stood off the the side as people dove through teh holes and tried to be all cool about it. it was pretty funny to watch... all of a sudden i felt someone scoop me up and carry me towards the 'web'. 'what the-' i stammered. looking up i saw Tim smiling and easily carrrieing me over 'PUT ME DOWN!' i yelled and struggled (no match for him)  he just laughed at the poor attempt and passed me through the web... dang him...               So afterwards we moved onto the next activity… the ‘lava pit’… woooow. It was kinda fun actually though… so we all stood behind a line that was made into the ground. A good (but not that long at all) distance rested between us and a small wooden platform across a small open pit. A rope hung in the middle (not touching the ground) between us (behind the line) and the small platform. The objective: get everyone one the small platform. Startover if anyone touches the ground… Tch, figures… so we attempted a few times and every girl kept on falling. Me? I was awesome at it 8] I swung across and landed perfectly, smack dab, centered, on the wood platform. Most of the guys could do it but Tim was the best and strongest.We ended up starting over AGAIN because my friend fell. Haha. So we all agreed to have tim wait on the other side to catch everybody because of his abnormally strength haha. So he went. Then people, agreeing I was the best swinger, had me go next. So I held the rope and I was about to go when my friend pushed me. I swore. A tad to loud, but nothing bad. I swung off course and everyone gave my friend a small glare and laughed a bit. There was a tiny stump that didn’t even have a foot perimeter around it next to the small box tim waited on. Tim saw my direction and reached out to my rope. I was about to start to go backwards when tim threw a hand around my waist and I I landed on my tip-toes on the small stump. Perfectly. Everyone cheered and people flew over to join our small group. Nice huh?After a few more small touching moments, people were begging us to go out. So we did 8].  Three months passed.. he broke-up with me after he asked out another girl (my best friend) and she turned him down and told me. He treid desperately to get back with me using the word phrase ‘I love you’ to vonvince me…. Bu thtats happened to me before… so I said NO.   8th grade came and Tim left our school. No problem for me… ha, so one of my really good friend Justin (I was really good friends with almost all of the guys in our small school… not caring for the popular ones much) and I was really excited… his party was from 12 PM to 9pm… all his parties were fun. Justin’s parties are the fun ones that don’t include beer, alcholhol, or drugs. But consisted more of tons of pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, candy, man-hunt, tag, red-rover, football, and all those fun outdoor things. We were planning on having an awesome time, even if it ment acting like little kids haha. So  I was a bit late and came to the party around 2 PM (even though I still had about 7 hours left haha) and I pulled up the driveway. I had my long dark brown hair  past my shoulders and side bangs. I was always considered ‘adorable’ and ‘cute-faced’ with my small structure but I can run like beast 8] . as always though I stood out with my clothing choice… my skinny jeans, black tee-shirt with an odd silver design on it, and a stud belt slung to my hips. I wore worn out Etnies that kinda went along with the outfit. I never wear make-up and I don’t care. So… yea all my friends never cared for my clothing choice and treat me the same. I step out of the car, saying bye to my dad and watch him pull out. “JUSTIN!” I yell and death hug the kid who’s about a foot taller than me (and everyone else at the party ha) he hugs me back and tells me my best friend is inside. I thank him and see about six kids sitting on the lawn. There was two guys I knew from my school (not good friends with) one random boy. Another boy who looked positively HOT with long brown straight hair and a skinny body, and a girl with black hair and heavy make-up giving me an awkward non-happy look… ‘oookay….” I mumbled as I saw the really cute guy watch me all the way from the spacey lawn into the house. “ MICAELA!” I squeal diving at her. we giggle and talk for  a bit. There was a total of 5 more guys in the room all cheering on Sam (my best guy friend) and Kevin (another guy I snowboard with.) as they play guitar hero. I sit next to Trevor and micaela and we all laugh and talk. All of a sudden Trevor gets up to try guitar hero and Justin walks in. a few more people form the outside lawn trail in behind him and it gets louder in the small crowded living room. I see the really cute guy watch me as I pretend not to see him (even though he was a yard stick away) … Me, micaela, and that other girl giving me looks were the only girls at the party… (…yay?) so then the guys start yelling and fighting over the guitar hero controller… “ugh” I sigh  “ everybody just SHUT IT!” I yell… and to my surprise everybody does and they laugh. All of a sudden a hand appears in my face I look up to see the hot guy (who looked around the age of 16 )  smiling down at me “high-five!” he said. I laughed and high fived the gorgeous child and he laughed to and jumped onto the couch… ON TOP OF ME. So I scoot over a tad bit, giving us both room… even though he was still half on top of me… so then he reaches out and loops his fingers around my bony ankle. “holy CRAP! Your are effin’ skinny!” he laughed and I awkwardly laugh…. A bit odddddd…. So I jump up as an excuse and scream “TRAMPOLENE!!!” and me and Micalea book it out the door as everyone laughs. Soon enough me and micaela and my guy friend (Sam) are jumpin away and other guys are passing the soccerball. Sam jusmps off to join them and me and micaela continue, laughing and being ridiculous. Then Jack hangs around it and stars talking a TON to us. We laughed and it was fun. I saw some weird object in the grass in the backyard (where the trampoline was) and I jumped off and grabbed it. I pretended to be all ninja, swinging the whip like object around and hitting the house ( random… hmm…) so then I see Justin climb onto the trampoline and lay there… yea hes a tad lazy… Nathan and sam with micalea all just sit there and start to talk. Then I hear someone behind me. So I jump around and see the REALLY hot guy (namez Jack) standing there with a METAL POLE. ‘fight me.” He smiled and I was like “HELL NO” and he swung at my feet (which I skillfully evaded with a jump haha 8] ) “are you Crazy?!” I huffed at him. Which made him smile more. And he jabbed at me, I jumped to the side. Then he walked up to me and held the bar horizontally with both hands, almost separating us. I tried to back up but he kept on walking and he was too close for me to use my ‘weapon of choice’ so I had to drop it and grab his, the same way he was holding it. We both pushed and he breathed right in my face, close to laughing. I wasn’t so happy about that so I pushed harder. But hten he shifted the bar’s poition and his weight forward to I slipped back and lost my balance. In a flash he dropped the bar and scooped me up, throwing me over his shoulders. “CHEATER!!!” I yelled and tried to squirm away… no use. He laughed and put me on the trampoline and I stood on justins back, balancing my self. “here” jack said offering his hand when I kept falling off. So I slowly held his hands and balanced for a bit. Everyone laughed as Justin made… awkward would be the right word choice… noises haha. But then Jack began to slowly pull on my hands… I knew what he was trieing to do.. he shifted his body weight backwards and PRETENDED to FALL BACK!  Bringing me along with him! It was so OBVIOUSE he pretended but not seemed to notice how fake it was! I fell on top of him and he laughed and held me there for a while… I was like “EHHH” in my mind haha.   After it turned 9 PM and by hten he had made soooo many sexy moves that we had already made-out... never saw him again… hahahahaha that was PRETTY BAD if you ask me… woow..

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