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Forever Isn't Just A Word (Al and Mia Story)

When i was a little girl i thought life was a fairytale. all goes to happy endings.


my fantasy started when i was in 4th year high school .I don't know why i transfer to another school in Manila i don't have reasons but i know  God has its own purpose. i was a spoiled brat and i get whatever i want. when i met this guy named Al. He was my classmate and i thought he's just nothing. he always smile at me whenever our eyes met and i snob him. i don't know why i think of him everyday even though we where not close nor even friends but why its him..Days passed we had a chance to know each other, He tease me and asked for my number.we text each other,exchanging ideas,he call me everyday.we became friends, and i fall in love with him. i fall in love to a guy who's stranger to me before. I thought its just a friendship to him but suddenly he said i love you. He like me since the first day he saw me.We've been lovers, a perfect pair for everyone. Al loves me as me and he made my dreams come true. He gave me a fairytale life which every girl dream of.He was close to perfect for me and i love him with all my life. even  though I'm not sure if how long will it be. because we were so young and nobody knows what will happen.Years passed where still together. we have our own world, we build so many dreams together. we planned our life together and i want my life with AL. He's my everything and i can exchange my life just to be with him.


But relationships are not forever.even you love each other.there where times that it was like your exams sometimes you failed. Our love was strong but time come you have to say goodbye for some reasons. Not because you don't love each other but because you love each other somuch and even it hurt's for both party to say goodbye u have to set each other free.The princess and the prince separate already for their best.but as fairytale goes along we love each other whatever happens to us


Al taught me to be strong,to love,to laugh,to live the best like before he taught me to stand up after all most specially we both learned.Prince Al told me one thing to be happy move on and love like youve never been hurt.


my friend asked me why ur still there for Al and  they were touched when they hear me saying. He told me he's be back.


Forever isnt just a word its a place where two people journey through so when love sends you there dont just say forever be there.


miss u my prince.i know someday you will be back..



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