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I kew i love you before i met you

it happened in the spring 2002,this is a story of my friend. She was taking up accountancy and as she plans her life ahead, she never expected love to almost crush her. it was through her friend that he saw this guy's picture.at first it was always an attempt to see each other but there's always hindrance in every corner. For a couple of months we were jesting her that person never really existed for she never saw him not even once.only the picture she'd been given is all she has.then an unexpected thing happened. a friend told her that he's been diagnosed in a cancer category and even though He really wants to pursue what He thinks as something special between them, he didn't tried anymore for he doubts if he can survive the whole ordeal. On the day of my friends birthday, my friend is somewhat ecstatic because he promised in a letter that He will come and meet her finally. But on the way to the school, a group of police grabbed him, not because He committed a crime but because He came from a good family with social standing and back then my friend is just a struggling student who paves her way in her studies. He was sent to davao and we never heard from him again except for the broken figurine glass, a gift for my friend He wants to give personally and a bunch of roses that were destroyed because of the commotion, up until this moment even though my friend denies it, she never had any relationship. somehow that part of her life was never closed and even though they never met, the feeling she had for that guy, can rival the feelings of a person that is being brokenhearted.Hope you like my friend's story. she wants me to tell this story to inspire people and somehow can help her to move on

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