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Why did he have to go??????????

Hi my names Courtney i have been on this once or twice but the reason i am is because my heart  cant take any more of the pain of someone Else not loving me so i am going to tell you how i got hurt this time well i go to band bridge high  it is a really big school and i have lots of friends but their is one person that i am still in love with his name was Dylan  and he was SO cute and he bought me a real diamond ring and necklace so he made me feel spacial but when i heard that he was moving schools i was so sad and scared he went to milltown primary that was my first school before i moved to Scarva  primary but the fact is that he told me that he loved me and that ment a lot but he is gone now and all i have left of him are the diamonds from the eyes of my one and only true love Dylan 



     from Courtney Cooke .

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