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My answered prayer

When I was in high school, I had many failed relationship because no one is brave enough to be in relationship with me because it's really complicated. I've been through many heart aches until there's such a  point that I don't want to love anymore. Time pass by, I'm already in college taking up Nursing course. And still, I suffered from many heart aches all over again. One day, I went to the chapel in our place where in it's kind a underground chapel & had a talk to HIM. I beg HIM to give me the person that will love and accept me for who & what I am..Again, time pass by. No one is there to love me. So I just focused myself in studying. Until I finished my course & had a review for the board exam. It's in the middle of the year 2007 when suddenly a girl from my front appeared asking for our co housemate. It's like love at first sight..(but at first I don't believe in it). I said that because my world seems stop revolving when I first saw her. Gosh! I I can't take my eyes off her. So, what I did is to offer friendship with her, because she already had a boyfriend. And guess what?? Her bf is my cousin. So the least thing that I can do, is to be her friend. We became the best of friends & sharing all the happiness. we called each others "BEST". One night, she sent me a message, she wants to tell me something. So I go out & met her. She was crying when I saw her. She was cheated by her bf, my cousin. So what I did is to comfort her, I hug her & she said "I wish you are the one". When she is crying & feel the pain it's like I feel the pain twice. So to cut the story short, we became lovers & until today we are going stronger & even more stronger each day. I love her & treasure her more and more because " SHE IS MY ANSWERED PRAYER"!

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