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The only one for me

I am a normal 17 year old girl who has had a few brake ups and some good ones. Well rite now I'm wit the guy that i want to spend the rest of my life wit. I've known him for almost 2 and a half years and been wit him for 9 months. when i found out i was in love wit him i was wit someone else. the reason i fell in love wit him is before we were even dating. he was there in the good times and the bad times. he was always there and i liked it. after we started dating he told me the first time he saw me he fell in love wit me. He told me he fell in love wit my eyes, my smile, my everything. but he asked me if i had a boyfriend and i told him the three letter word he didn't want to hear "YES". he said that it hurt him but he understood cuz I'm a beautiful girl. he was then a few months later i was a free woman but then he saw something he didn't want to see. i had another boyfriend. he still hung out wit me and my boyfriend for two weekes then my boyfriend broke up wit me over a text message ands that nite he huged me and took me to the store to get some ice cream and cookies. he told me that my ex wasn't worth crying over then i relized that he waz the one i wanted to be wit so a week later on easter i finaly asked him out and he asked me "Wat took you so long". i told him :I thought that you didn't like me anymore". he told me "i fell in love wit you when i first met you and i told myself that i would wait for you till you found out i was the one for you. My name is Samantha and my boyfriend Oscar and i have been together for a wonderful 9 months and we want to spend our life toget her.

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