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True love waits

I'm only 17. How do I even know what love is? I've had crushes before..but nothing like this. This is real. but wrong. Here is my short version:

His name is Cody. He goes to a different high school than me...the one my twin brother goes to..but it's still very close to mine. I met him through my brother's friends. I didn't think much of him at first because he had a girlfriend. All i knew is that he was hilarious and I think the sweetest and most friendly guy I had ever met. 

Last halloween we showed up at the same party..supporting our friend who was hosting..while all of our other friends ditched it for "cooler parties". We hung out the whole night. Having random dance parties with no music, exploring in the dark street, talking about everything and anything...I barely knew him...yet I knew him so much..and so quickly. I don't think there was any person that I have ever bonded to that quickly and easily. I was dressed as a nerd, and he was dressed in a chicken suit... :) Just seeing his smile or hearing his laugh made me giggle like a little school girl. I knew he still had a girlfriend, but he was just so fun to be around..and made me feel..happy. I had almost forgot what that felt like being a senior in highschool. He has soft brunnette hair and deep blue eyes. We were an instoppable team that night..and when it was time he gave me a hug and we left.

I thought I wouldn't see him again. Then I saw his status' on facebook start to turn more and more depressing. His girlfriend was going to break up with him. Finally when it happened I sent him a video message through inbox...it was me with a shiny belt on my head and my hair in a crazy mess. I wrote "I havn't seen you since halloween..and i just wanted to make you smile :)" He did. Ever since then we started going back and forth replying on messages when he invited me to dinner with one of his friends named Johnny. They are both hilarious. We met at Pat n Oscars...I drove separeately because I had gone on a run and found out about the dinner late..it took me so much courage to walk in the door. Once there...I saw him sitting with Johnny and I took the open seat on the other side of the booth. The whole team we were laughing about our favorite shows and movies..throwing trash and just being silly. we later went to get ice cream. I could tell that Cody liked me and I liked him..but I was so nervous..and too shy to be forward. He kept finding ways to beflirty with me. We delveloped a hand slapping game. He eventually invited me to another dinner even though he was back with his girldriend :( Things were the same. His girlfiend has no personality. and his is so similar to mine. we can be so immature and crazu and just plain weird at time :) but i have never been happier.  I knwe she was only with him to have a formal date...and from seeing all the pictures and sdeeing how she never talked to him..i knew things would not work out...eventually he invited me over to his house..we wrestled and watched movies togehter..well..and with johnny :P we got as close as we could without crossing any boundaries. I wanted so much to just touch his hand. put my hand on his chest and feel his heart beat against my cheek. feel his breath against my hair as i laid it against him. intertwine my fingers with his and just be. but how we were was fine with me. my heart was about to explode with hapiness..i could barely focus on the movie because i just couldnt believe he was so close to me. then we had a pillow fight and continues handslapping. lter that night when he dropped me off in his bright lue pick up truck.. he hugged me goodbye...and held it.  i could hbave stayed their forever. feeling how i fit with him and the way he felt..heis scent his shpape/  feel his smile against my back and his long arms wrap around my body. it was one i believe that it wasthe best hug I've ever recieved. He gave me laughter and endless hapiness and I knew that we were meant to be. I think about him all the day and wish that every call i receive every facebook inbox is from him. i hope. i dream. and i wait.. I wait for him. He is my goofball...and i will wait because i know even though he has a girlfriend tiem will allow things to work out as they should. i need him. what do i do?

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