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Annoyed...need some advice!!!!

Dear readers,


I am guy in my mid 20s with big hopes and great ambitions..i have secured a job with a well respected organization..i am paid really well..i have managed to own a house and a car..i kno in years to come i will be reaching the heights that i have always dreamed of..but it all seem so bleak coz i have noone beside me to share it with..i have had r/ships before and my previous gf was someone i really was in love with but i got betrayed by her..she dumped me and it took me 2 years to finally move on..its been 3 years now since the day i was single..i turned into a motivated, practical, career driven, matured, ambitious and full of pride and egoistic person too(only when needed) after my previous r/ship..i also suppressed my emotions and never showed it to anyone in this past 3 years..recently i met this girl in a function..i slightly got attracted to her then we met again in another party where i started having a crush on her..during the times i met her, she has left hints that she likes me..i added her on facebook but she did not approve my request till today..i got her number through my friend and messaged her..she replied the first two messages but after that there were no replies..i know she is playing the hard-to-get game..as i told earlier after i got dumped, i have become very much practical and my pride comes before everything..i know its bad having ego but i really cant help it bcoz this transformation has led me to the place i am today..my confusion is that i really like this new girl but since she is playing this game i don't know whether i should be persistent in courting her or let my ego take over and just drop the whole thing..i just need some advice..pls help

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