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True love feels incredible

I have had relationships in the past but was never in love cause i've always believed that true love does not exist.


I met this guy who is 3years younger that me and made me experience the best ever. he was lovable, honest, genuine, funny, cute and passionately in love with me and this is where i went wrong i started taking advantage of the situation knowing that he was too much in love with me and cant leave me wat so ever. Lots of things happened where i was to blame. i took him for granted but always knew he was my true love cause nobody but him could live life with a person as arrogant as me.


He accepted everything i guess until one day he reached his peak and we broke up with him saying that he had lived his life in this 1 year and wants to live with all the magical moments we spent together he said that my presence is always felt and i will always be the only one in his life, he said that love happens just once in a lifetime and he had experienced it with me already.


I was totally shattered, It broke me completely, i then began to realize his importance. but it was too late, it was all over, but i know that he was the only one i can ever love. his presence is felt every moment he is beside me and loving me all the time Its all felt and this happens only in true love which can be expressed in emotions, emotions which are deep inside you. I love u rocs and always will, your niks will always be only yours. I've shared my experience only cause i wanted to tell all the people in love not to take your partner for granted, its important to understand each other and walk together throuhout life.


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